Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do You Play?

Did you know that I play the ukelele? You didn't? Hmmm. I learned it in grade five. I had this cool teacher named Mr. Regier. He was something like 6'6", thin as a rail, with a pouty lip curl like Mick Jagger. Ya, he was darn cool, at least for a ten year old who had just discovered that boys were actually not gross. 

Throughout grade five everybody was required to take ukelele lessons, it was much like learning the recorder in grade three. Most of the grade five students hated it but some of us found our calling in that music class. The next year Mr. Regier started up a ukelele choir and he asked the most enthusiastic players if they wanted to join. I was incredibly happy that year, participating in something so out of the norm of school clubs and classes. We practiced a lot and dedicatedly learned a huge number of songs like "The Rainbow Connection" and "Country Roads" and even  the hilarious song "I Love Onions" which I already immortalized in my journal earlier this year here.

The Northern Ukulele
Recently I came across a very unusual ukulele, even more unusual than mine was. See, mine (I still have it somewhere in the storage closet) was triangular. It was a terrific shape and I found it easier to hold and loved how it looked as opposed to the regular shaped curvy ukulele. And I just learned that the Northern Ukulele was an original to Canada and created to promote Canadian youth music participation, how cool.

Anyway, I came across The Flea. It's a small, bulbous shaped instrument and it's slightly shorter than my original was. I love that it comes in a huge array of colors and even designs on the front. Who wouldn't love a designer Uke? I'll certainly be adding this gorgeous instrument to my Christmas list this year. It's a little expensive but then getting back a piece of your youth doesn't happen often. I still remember how to play so just a tiny bit of practice and a little time to build back those important calluses on the fingers (just in the right place, lol) and I'll be good to go. I can't wait! Here's my Flea, Christmas 2015 here I come. :o)

(My Flea art in the new watercolor Moleskine)


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  1. I just heard a radio program about the benefits of ukulele as first instrument (vs. Recorder) some time this week! how about that. Wish I could hear youu play. Now the flea is magnificently cute...yes for Xmas gift!!

  2. we love the Ukulele, and it as such a wonderful history, that onion is beautiful, I hope you are well, I haven't joined in on the fun at Paint Party Friday for a while but, I am this week, so I'm catching up,,


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