Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Review: "Method 15/33" by Shannon Kirk

"Method 15/33" by Shannon Kirk is a true psychological thriller. Sixteen year old pregnant girls are being kidnapped and the police have no clue why or who is behind the crime spree. We meet Lisa, an incredibly smart and cunning young lady who is seven months pregnant when she is kidnapped as she is walking to school. The police don't investigate too closely into any of these cases of kidnapping because it is unclear whether the girls have run away because of their situation or whether it is in fact a kidnapping. There is no ransom demand. The kidnappers want the victim's unborn children. 

The book centers around Lisa's brilliant ability to categorize her memories and break down details that will ultimately help her escape. Lisa studies her jailer and concocts a plan to seek revenge upon all involved in the heinous plan to kill her and steal her baby.

There are also FBI agents following leads but they have few resources, it's only the two agents looking for the missing teen. They're own history plays perfectly into the plot of this book and gives the reader insight into how previous psychological damage in the agents help them track down their victim and also help the agents understand the actions Lisa took to survive.

This book is a solid five out of five. I know some other reviewers found details about Method 15/33 unbelievable but I know people like Lisa. They are not sociopathic but they do have the unusual ability to shut off emotions that will do them no good in certain situations. Although this thriller is unique, the psychology of survival juxtaposed against super intelligence is exciting to experience and keeps the reader enthralled. I highly recommend this book, although you may not want to read it in the dark!


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  1. Morning Jenn. Great review... Always a pleasure to read a good book AND a nicely written review that whets the appetite.
    BTW I'm still sketching, and did my first sketch en plein aire the other day. It was great fun. I live in a small village by the sea which gives me lovely scenery and neighbours stopping to see what I'm doing. Good grief! Have just booked in to do "Seeing" with SBS.


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