Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

Cherry Blossoms outside my window (close-up)
We here in Western Canada, Vancouver Island, BC to be specific, has been lucky to avoid mostly all of the terrible polar vortex winter troubles that Central and Eastern Canada has experienced (and still is, actually).

We've been so lucky here. We're seeing fully blooming cherry blossom trees, crocuses, daffodils and tulips coming up through the still cold ground. All the new color makes for a much happier day when you see it. We're still in the low teens, temperature wise here (that's Celsius people, like 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit). So, still cool weather, sweater weather for sure. But the blossoms still push through and insist on popping their heads up a little early. I'm certainly not complaining though!

My New Paintbox
Other than painting the pretty Cherry Blossoms that are a wonderful constant every spring across BC, I've had my head in a book. I'm either reading a mystery that I've said I'd review or I'm trying to learn about color theory. I got the idea to learn a little more about how to mix paints from Roz Stendahl. She commented that I'd feel more comfortable with my new paintbox if I had more of an idea of how the paints worked together, hence the color theory study. I've put it off too long anyway. I'm not a good book learner, never have been. I'm so much better at learning from listening or doing. But I've promised myself not to give up on this. I'm using a Stephen Quiller book. He's one of the definitive authors on color theory so I'm looking forward to learning more about my watercolors.

Cherry Blossoms in my Watercolor Moleskine
That's what I'm up to lately, looking out the window at riotous cherry blossom trees and reading mysteries and art books. Yup, what an exciting life, hehehe. Let's hope as spring  moves forward, life gets a little more exciting. I'm waiting with baited breath. What are you up to?


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  1. Gorgeous little buds Jen, keep it up. Talking about colour theory a friend sent me this link the other day and I thought it would be a fun excersize I think they are discussing oils but the method could be adapted to water colours I imagine.

  2. These are lovely and good luck with the colour theory... I am hopeless at learning things like that from a book so I understand your pain... When we were at college we had to learn colour theory by doing nothing but mixing colours and painting them into boxes for a month solid... Grumbled at the time but it has stood me in good stead...xx


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