Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Book Review: "Murder With A Twist" by Tracy Kiely

"Murder With A Twist" by Tracy Kiely was a fun, easy-breezy read. The dialogue between the two main characters, Nic and her husband Nigel was quite funny and it helped keep the book light instead of heavy as some murder mysteries can become.

Nicole used to be a cop but after being shot she decides to retire and marry Nigel Martini, a very wealthy playboy. The couple are in New York to attend a cousin's birthday party but things don't go as planned. It seems the birthday girl's cad of a husband has disappeared and Nic is put to work by the matriarch of the Martini family to find said cad and drag him back into the fold so Audrey, the birthday girl, won't be embarrassed by her philandering husband at her gala celebration. 

As you can imagine, Nic, a former homicide detective, finds this all quite tedious. The whole Martini family knows the missing sleazy Leo isn't worth finding but no one wants to explain that to the distraught Audrey. All Audrey wants is a pretty party that splashes out spectacularly on the society pages. Nothing is going to be pretty though, when low life friends of Leo's start turning up dead. Nic has to find out what's going on and find Leo before he ruins the party by becoming a corpse himself.

This hilarious romp into the world of the super rich is made all the more enjoyable by both Nic & Nigel's banter and the family matriarch's idea of how the rich should act. I laughed out loud several times. I would certainly say that I'm looking forward to Tracy Kiely writing more Martini mysteries. They're perfect as a palette cleanser between hard boiled and heavier reads. I'd also definitely take it on a vacation, I can see myself sitting on a beach somewhere and reading this.

This is one of those books that falls between the star ratings. "Murder With A Twist" is definitely more than a three star book but reaches just shy of a four of five star mystery. I do look forward to reading more banter between Nic & Nigel in the future, hopefully next time I can be sunning myself beside a pool somewhere when I pick up Kiely's next book.

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