Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Review: "Cost Of Life" by Joshua Corin

"Cost Of Life" was a total thrill ride, what a great book. I've never read a book by Mr. Corin until now but I'm adding him to my goto authors because this thriller/mystery was wonderfully unique but also easily enjoyable and interesting to read.

"Cost of Life" starts with the kidnapping of a pilot's wife and young son. The kidnappers want Larry Walder complacent, they want him to board his plane and fly hundreds of passengers to an unknown location. Larry doesn't want to participate in a hijacking but he desperately wants to save his family. After doing what the kidnappers ask, it becomes clear that Larry's job is just starting. Now he has to find a way to rescue his family, his crew and all the passengers he betrayed by following orders. He is not alone in the task though. The world is watching for the outcome of this hijacking and disgraced former FBI special agent Xana Marx is brought in because of her unique skills. Xana is a recently recovered alcoholic and she needs the support of the people around her to stay sober while she tries to solve this hostage crisis.

Xana, the FBI, police and airport security will all work together to bring back flight eight sixteen. The problem is, this is no ordinary hostage negotiation. The kidnappers have a very unusual plan and it becomes clear that a good outcome may be impossible even using Xana's superior skills and intelligence.

Character development of Xena Marx goes above and beyond excellent. The reader really gets a sense of who this woman is as she tries valiantly to both stay sober and solve a nearly unsolvable crime. The Characters that are added around her help show her many and complex sides. The story is told from both Xana's and pilot Larry Walder's point of view. The complex problems and fears that are created with a hijacking and hostage negotiation are made so clear that the reader feels both the panic and frustration the passengers feel as the hijacking continues long into the day. 

This was a terrific book not only because the writing is tight and the emotions are true but also because the situation surrounding the mystery is so unique. Initially, I thought a hijacking could only go a few ways but the author has created such an unusual and unexpected twist that as the reader you find yourself trying to discover the next move. What would help the good guys win the day? 

I didn't see the end coming and for me, that's a very, very good thing. This is a five star thriller/mystery. I highly recommend trying it and since it debuts on March 17, 2015 you only have a few days to await it's release! You'll love the characters and root for the good guys even as you can't figure out how they could possibly win in this very complex hijacking. Go preorder it, you won't regret it, guaranteed.

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