Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gonna Be Some Changes 'Round Here

Hiya. Not sure anyone out there noticed that my blog had a lot of missing stuff in it's sidebar for a while. If you didn't notice that, all you have to do to see the problem is scroll through some of my older blog posts (like 2012-13) to see that there are missing photos and icons everywhere. Oh ya, and did you notice my missing blog buttons (APR, Blogging 101 & Featured Artist just to name a few)? Even my signature disappeared on all my previous posts! Yep, there have been some unfortunate changes that I did NOT have anything to do with. *Sigh*. 

An upload program I used to use was purchased by Evernote but the original program owners promised to leave the servers with everyone's uploads alone forever. Um... they lied. Sometime in the last week all images that I had uploaded from the original SKITCH have disappeared. I'm assuming this also happened for millions of other previous customers. There's nothing I can do about it but it has forced me to do a little soul searching about how I want to proceed. 

I want this blog to be about my art and what I'm painting/drawing and also what I'm reading at the moment. I have therefore decided to close down the Artist's Play Room. Since I don't have the time anymore to devote to APR, I've decided to stop posting it. I genuinely thank all who came over and participated and shared their art every week.

I have new blog buttons. Since I lost the old ones and and a bunch of other stuff, I decided to change the look a little in my sidebar. Feel free to join me on Goodreads, that's my newest button (the eggplant one with the "g"). I love how colorful they are, perfect for an artist who loves color like me. You know I'm all over anything that comes in turquoise, fuchsia and green, right? ;o)  Here they are:

I hope to get new art up soon but my household has been a little unlucky, starting this new year out with "The Grunge" as we call it. Thankfully we've all avoided the terrible flu that's affecting so many people but whatever illness that's out there that causes you to feel awful has descended upon us for the last few weeks. I'm hoping to shake it off soon and get on with a great 2015. Hey, new blog, new outlook, right?

Talk to you all soon, K? GREAT!

P.S. To anyone who knows how to easily add a paintbrush under my signature, I'd love to hear from you. That's what my sig used to be but now I forget how I did that. Old age sucks. ;o)
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  1. Jenn, I will miss the artists playroom, but I understand. If you know Cynthia garner - I think you do - she could help you with the paintbrush. She made a signature for my blog that goes at the end of each post. I love your book reviews, so I'll still be in touch :) thanks for everything, Alice

  2. Jenn, we totally empathize with your tech issues & busy life/health stuff. The purpose of this blog is to give you a place of personal expression and the joy of connecting with like-minded people, right? No point continuing a task if it becomes arduous. Nurture yourself, do what you've got to do. I'll keep checking back in and hope to continue seeing you in the facebook feed for Sketchbook Skool too. I'm just waiting for Storytelling to start :-)
    Enjoy yourself,

  3. Oh dear... not feeling well ánd disappearing blog content... that's not a good start for 2015. I hope it goes uphill from now on! Keep calm, keep breathing and everything will turn out alright, right?!! Big hug from Holland!

  4. I will miss Artist Play Room but I understand completely. Some weeks I barely get anything posted to my blog. I wish you well. Happy creating and reading.... those are two of my favorite things.

  5. I enjoyed participating in The Artist's Playroom when I was able but I do understand your reason for closing it down.

    Since my Dad became ill, and now in Palliative Care, my art and blog have been suffering too. Maybe one day soon, I'll get back into it.

    All the best with your upcoming blog changes. I love your Contact/Follow buttons.

    Enjoy your week! xx


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