Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: "Suspicion" by Alexandra Monir

"Suspicion" was a lovely and easy read. I didn't particularly realize that it was written for tweens until I was well into the book. I just thought the author, Alexandra Monir, wrote easily read books. By the midpoint, I had noticed that there weren't as many details in this mystery as I would expect in an adult book. It was, however, enjoyable just as Harry Potter was enjoyable, even though it was written for children. "Suspicion" has qualities that remind me of "The Princess Diaries" but with an interesting mystery and murder plot with a little paranormal thrown in.

Our heroine Imogen Rockford is the granddaughter of The Duke of Rockford. Her heritage makes her status just below royalty. But when her parents, aunt and uncle are killed in a fire started in the garden's maze, Imogen is left alone at ten years old. She is moved to the United States to be raised by her parent's best friends and in the process of moving, she abandons all of her family heritage back at Rockford Manor, including her older cousin Lucia and Sebastian, the boy she loves. Not until she receives an urgent letter from Rockford Manor when she's seventeen, does she confront all that she left behind. Imogen will have to deal with her painful past, learn the history of her family lineage and go back to Rockford Manor to gain the truth about what really happened to her parents and what her future holds.

As I said, this was an easy read. Because this book was written for tweens I'll be giving it four stars. The mystery was good but some of the paranormal details just were not fleshed out enough. As an adult it was enjoyable to read and I think parents would have fun reading this book to their children. "Suspicion" had some interesting and unique ideas that would have brought this young adult book into a five star if they had been explored in deeper way. The actual mystery was quite complex and kept me from being bored. I know tween girls will certainly enjoy reading about Imogen just as they enjoyed The Princess Diaries years ago.


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