Saturday, November 1, 2014

Art Everyday Month Starts

Once again I'm participating in AEDM. I did this challenge last year and loved how it focused me on art and the idea of recording my life in a regular way. As you know I'm also doing Sketchbook Skool so I'll be combining both these endeavors and doing both homework and art everyday. Sometimes the pieces will be combined, sometimes not. This week I have Brenda Swenson teaching us drawing techniques. Once again, we're using contour drawing but it works better for me when I'm NOT doing portraits!

Today I did a cute little drawing/painting of a papier-mâché bird that I have been coveting for over a year. He's on my Christmas list once again, I would SO love to make him my first official three dimensional piece of art. I found him on Etsy from an artist who has a shop named Fishstickks (you gotta love that name!). He just makes me all happy when I look at him. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I know what all my relatives are going together to get me and it's NOT this adorable little fellow. (Pretty sure I'm getting a professional paint palette with all new Daniel Smith watercolors. I've already been told to NOT shop for art supplies, lol.) So, I will continue to admire him now that at least he resides in my sketchbook so if someone purchases him I still have his painting to look lovingly at. I did, in fact, use contour drawing techniques but the paint I added overtop wiped out my lines. Oh well.

 Here he is... anyone got a good name for this absolutely adorable fellow with the green striped party hat? 

Help me NAME him
See you all tomorrow where I'll have more and more and MORE art!

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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