Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anybody Need A Goat? (AEDM Day Thirteen)

Plan Canada Goat
Christmas is just around the corner. Do you know how I know that? My very favorite commercial of all time is back, once again, to make me smile and yell, "SHOP TODAY!". The Plan Canada goat commercial begins every year around this time and my mom and I absolutely look forward to it, for serious. :o)  When the commercial comes on tv we alway backtrack it when it finishes so we can watch it again and again. In fact, just today, as I was speeding through all the boring commercials to get to the end of Chicago Fire, I saw our goat go by. I immediately stopped, not caring who burned up in the series, and went to watch our goat.

He's a good goat. He's a cute goat. He's a spokes goat. Yes, I said SPOKES GOAT. :o)  He talks you into buying a seventy-five dollar goat and sending him to a very poor and deserving little girl or boy and their family. I guess it could be a girl goat too, that they send, I mean. Actually, now that I think of it, it's probably a girl goat most of the time. You only need one boy goat in the whole village to "service" all the girl goats. Then there's all  those baby goats and all that goat milk and cheese etc. That would make for a very happy and better fed village.

Anyways, you can go to Plan Canada and order a goat. For Christmas. And you don't even need to wrap him. I mean her. :o)  Although a bow would be a nice touch. You can also buy other animals or buy parts of animals. That sounded bad, what I mean is you can donate a part of the fee for an animal and others donate too and TADA!! Now you have a whole cow for a poor family from a third world country. Cool huh? Yuppez.

Here's how the whole double page looks! (Click to Enlarge)
Here's the thing. Do you have relatives or friends who are notoriously hard to buy for? Would those people love to help others? If the answers to those questions are yes, then this Spokes Goat has the answer for you. Go to Plan Canada and order a big bag of hope for a child in the third world. No, they don't put the goat in a bag, it was a metaphor! Go buy somebody you love a cute animal that will be sent to a family who will nurture and love that animal because it helps them live a better life. It's a win-win, don't you think? Here's the commercial... Why do I think that Spokes goat just sold another thousand little guys just like him? Well, he's just so cute! He makes you wanna SHOP TODAY!!!!!!!! and buy a goat!

This is cute goat is being entered into the Art Everyday Month Linky over on Leah's blog. Thanks Leah for doing this great November artcrawl, it's awesome to see so many people participating and making so much art.

Talk to ya all tomorrow. Did you buy a goat yet?? ;o)

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. Glad you so liked my page that you popped it in your inspiration folder.. I liked that cat too when I drew it in my sketch book. I knew she needed colour and a page of her own.. I like your goat on your page how cool is that.. Never heard of the gift of hope goat and was amused with the youtube video.. Looks like its a great cause..
    Sandy :) over from AEDM...

  2. I love your drawings and I can see why the little goat in the ad has inspired you!

  3. I had no idea Plan Canada was doing this. There's a foundation that does this, where you pay for not just goats, but other things people in third world countries need. Once they are on their feet, they pay the money back. This sounds much more giving, and less loaning, which I think is a really good thing this time of year.

    I can't buy a whole goat, but I'm off to see if I can afford a hoof or something similar. Lovely art, too. That goat really IS a cutie.

  4. I love it ,Jenn! I can see why you like this very well-spoken goat. He is an authority figure, too! Great drawing.


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