Friday, November 21, 2014

AEDM Day Twenty-Two

I had a really productive day today making art. In fact, I haven't even started watching the Liz Steel videos in my last class of SBS. My first page that I completed was the page beside my magnets page so I wanted whatever I drew to go with that. I decided to finally draw up the roller-skates I'd love to own again. I used to roller-skate when I was young. I was good and I loved how the wind whipped through my hair and it kept me cool as I got warmer from the exercise. I really miss that feeling. I actually wore out my pair of skates, the metal between the wheels broke in half. Just too many hours of use I guess.

My next page was used to draw up the pool I dream about. The other exercise I used to love as a child was swimming. I was a fish in another life. I used to do laps, back and forth for hours on end. My relatives and friends thought I was nuts. Why didn't I play in the pool like other kids? I loved the water over my skin and the repetitive movement of my limbs. I'd love to own an Endless Pool. They're compact so will fit in almost any backyard. You can even get a treadmill in the bottom for doing water aerobics. My mom would love that! The best part is the jets that move the water so you swim agains current. I dream of swimming like most people dream of flying.

My final page was really a practice page. On the Sketchbook Skool advertising page there's a piece of art by one of the teachers (I don't know who). I loved the look and I wanted to see if my skills with watercolors had improved enough so I could pull off doing this kind of landscape. I love how it turned out and I'll use this knowledge when I do my own landscapes.

That's it for today. I'll be entering all this into AEDM. We're nearing the end of the journey through November. I'm so glad I already have a plan to continue my own challenge. I wouldn't want to get bored, right? Talk soon. GOD, I need a coffee... and some chocolate wouldn't hurt either. ;o)

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  1. I am right there with you on swimming and roller skating, i never wore out a pair of skates but i did skate a lot! And i soooooo want a pond or pool!

  2. these are all so nice but I especially love the skate!

  3. You were REALLY productive. I simply adore the skate. I didn't own skates as a child, but I always wanted a pair. You must have really put yours to a lot of good use.

    I'm actually glad AEDM is coming to a close. Two monthly challenges nearly back to back have me worn out. Now I want to make art at my own pace. Glad you are continuing, though.


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