Sunday, November 23, 2014

AEDM Day Twenty-Three

Art of
Tracey Fletcher King
Tracey Fletcher King is doing a very cool sale of her original art pieces over on her Official Facebook page for her art. She's selling pieces at really reasonable prices and those prices include shipping too. Here's the link.

Today, I decided to finally draw up my new slippers. My mom and my aunt Mic were out shopping and came home with the most gorgeous and soft, fluffy slippers. I had desperately needed a new pair. My old ones were literally worn through and getting a little dirty. These new slippers have a thick, foamy bottom with rubber on the sole. I absolutely love the little pom-poms on the sides. So cute! Now my tootsies are warm and insulated from the cold Canadian polar vortex that we seem to be in at the moment. 

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Have you SEEN the inundation of snow in Buffalo, USA?? Ya, that's our fault. The Canadian vortex has dipped down into the USA and dumped something like eight FEET of snow onto Buffalo. They say it's the largest snow squall that's ever been recorded in the USA. Geez, sowwies. People down there are up on their roofs, shoveling off all the snow before their roof fall in. Even worse, the temp. is about to go back to normal for this time of year and rain is expected. That'll make the snow even heavier before it melts and floods the city. Sowwies again. :o(

Anyway, I'm gonna go make a cuppa so I can get in and swim around a little. I'm kinda cold. Tomorrow is another day of art. We're almost done Art Everyday Month though. Whew!

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. Those are some adorable slippers.

    Yes, I've seen the pictures of Buffalo, and even though we had lingering snow, ours was not nearly as bad as they got. So YOU are the one we can blame? OK, not YOU personally, I'm sure, but still!

    Yep, I'm actually going to be glad AEDM will soon be over. I'm getting very tired, especially since I still have Thanksgiving to prepare for, which includes cleaning my really dusty house. Seems I'm good at being a neat freak, but not so good at being a clean freak. It's taken its toll these last three months, since my blog seems to come before house cleaning. Hope you have a WARM, cozy, productive art day.

  2. You are a very good illustrator. Very nice work. Thank you for sharing.


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