Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AEDM Day Twenty-Seven

Today I finished my homework for the last class of "Seeing" Sketchbook Skool. I'm a little sad to see it finished. I'll have to wait until January to possibly take another course, they haven't even announced what the next installment will be. I don't think I'm going to take "Storytelling" as I'm not any kind of a cartoonist and at least two of the teachers are spectacular cartoonists. Hey, if I were rolling in money, I'd buy the course just to watch those amazing artists do their work and see their sketchbooks. That's one of the most amazing things about these courses. You get a glimpse into the teacher's personal sketchbooks. They show you their favorites and sometimes even their very first sketchbook. It's such a gift to see all that personal drawing.

So, I did a building. Our building, Woodgrove Pines Apartments. Obviously, the building is round. You get into the lobby through the door in the inner courtyard on the other side. You can see the tree that grows in the circular walkway in the middle of the in the inner circle courtyard. The circular nature of the building makes for interesting shaped rooms, I must say. My bedroom is pie shaped, lol. So's the kitchen. The eating nook is about three feet wider than the other end of the kitchen. It was a hoot to watch mom try to arrange the furniture in a eye pleasing way. Kind of impossible in a pie shaped house. She's a former interior decorator so this frustrated her to NO end. 

Anyway, this goes into day twenty-six of Art Everyday Month. Only four more days to go! I heard that! All of you saying FINALLY, she'll be done posting everyday. Hmmph. ;o)

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.

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  1. I was on my way to see your completed tea cup when this came up. Your building looks beautiful. Oh to have someone take care of my lawn, my garden, and the exterior of my home (grin). Sounds like your pie shaped apartment is beautiful, even if it is a bit unconventional.

    Now I'm off to see your tea cup.

  2. Nice to see your artist nest! Lovely building and sketch!

  3. Nice sketch! Our rooms aren't square either (kind of parallelograms), which can be quite frustrating with furniture. Curves would be a whole new challenge!

  4. You've done a brilliant job with painting your building. It looks a beautiful place, although I have to admit the room shape might play with my mind a little if it was up to me to arrange furniture etc.
    Good job you have such a talented Mum ;D
    I love the idea of taking sneak peeks into artists journals.
    By the way your teacup is exquisite xoxo


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