Friday, November 21, 2014

AEDM Day Twenty-One

Pens as first page in my Moleskine sketchbook
Holy Cow, so much art, so many days, lol. We're all making it through though. Today I did my final piece (for now) in Andrea Joseph's style. It's in my new sketchbook Moleskine that I'll be using for my Art Challenge that I'm starting December first.
By the way, if you are shopping for an artist in your life or even just someone who loves amazing art, Andrea is having an amazing little sale on her Etsy shop. Go look, you'd get her book and a whole lot of other goodies. This ends our commercial portion of this post. (I am not compensated by Ms. Joseph, I just love her work and want to share it with everyone I can, kinda like finding a new author, lol.)
The newest and last class for Sketchbook Skool just started about ten minutes ago. I'm kinda sad that this is the last seven days of learning. I've loved both "Beginnings" and "Seeng". I can't wait to see what the next class they're making now is. Liz Steel is this week's teacher and I'm sure to learn a lot.

This is being entered into AEDM.

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. I love these little sketches you're doing. What a great stretching exercise!


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