Monday, November 24, 2014

AEDM Day Twenty-Four

I've had this piece half done for months now. I had done a background using both watercolors and Montana Acrylic Markers an then penciled in both the binoculars and the smart phone. But then I kinda chickened out. I mean, the pieces are black and I thought getting it all done would be daunting. I was right. When I put watercolors overtop of the markers, the paint didn't like to stick. I persevered and "forced" it to do what I wanted it to do.

I'm happy that I'm learning that even if a painting isn't working at all, that if I preservere I'll get something I'll find acceptable. I'll admit, I really had to have faith. It didn't work and kept not working for hours. Yes, hours. It was only at the last minute, when I was adding the highlights using my Sharpie white water-based paint pen that the whole thing finally came together. I actually like it now, which is good. The binoculars and smart phone I drew were given to me from my Uncle. I actually treasure them even though I don't have a use for small binoculars at the moment and the cell phone plan from Rogers is a little expensive so it's not being used. I'm still glad to have these things from him. Thanks Bob. :o)

This is being entered into AEDM. Tomorrow I'll be back to my last class in SBS, trying to watch the rest of Liz Steel's videos. Then I have to start her homework. I think it involves a teacup. What am I gonna do with that? I don't have a teacup. Not a-one. Not even a half of one, or a saucer. Nope. I have tea, both loose and bags. I have tea infusers and I have mugs. No teacups. Oh, I have a teapot. I wonder if that'll count? I think she wants us to study the detail on a teacup. The flowers, ya know? Ya. I used to have a whole, entire set of Royal Albert fine china. In fact, my set called, Jubilee Rose, was really really rare. It was a new pattern when I started collecting in 1980 and the company always promised to keep any pattern going for at least a minimum of seven years from it's inception. Well, about five years in my mom heard that the pattern had been cancelled over a year ago and and there were very few pieces left. I think mom ordered from England. She competed my twelve piece dinner set in about six weeks. 

The thing was, it was never me. The pattern was beautiful and colorful but the delicacy just wasn't me. I had even picked the pattern but delicate teacups and dishes that cannot go through a dishwasher just aren't gonna cut it for me. I finally sold the set several years ago. Funny, I probably got the same price when I sold it as mom put out for it. Maybe I'll look up a teacup and draw it for posterity. Hey, it won't be "live" but at least I can document the pretty pattern.

Anyway, I'm babbling at... eleven-thirty at night. Talk to you all tomorrow, K? Super!

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  1. Lovely drawing and painting for today's project. I'm glad you finally like it, because I certainly do.

    It's funny how we collect things, then don't care for them after we get them. But I'm sure you know yourself well enough to know you didn't like that pattern in the end. I look forward to seeing the tea inspired piece you create tomorrow. Cup, mug, pot, infuser, or tea bag, it will put a smile on my face.


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