Friday, November 28, 2014

AEDM Day Twenty-Eight

Well, Sketchbook Skool is officially over. *Sigh*. It makes me kinda sad, even though doing both Art Everyday Month at the same time I did SBS has been tiring. I've decided, in fact, to wait until January 1st to start the seventy-five day challenge a-la Brenda Swenson. I just want Christmas off. I'm looking forward to a quiet Christmas filled with once again trying to learn how to make recipes gluten free. This year we're also trying to lower all grains and use nut flours instead. I'm still having chocolate though!! I mean it wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate.

I realized that I wanted to do something in my Moleskine about penguins when I was watching some penguin show on TV last week. Then I thought I'd do a whole page spread and celebrate the beautiful but also kinda funny Emperor Penguin. I love the orange/yellow blush around their faces and necks, it's so beautiful. Having that juxtaposed against their waddling is just funny. I especially love the look of the babies. They look like a teddy bear... I guess you'd call them a penguin bear. :o)

I came up with the idea of doing a "seven dwarfs" type of thing. I went looking for different photos of the Emperor and this is how it ended up. Even cooler, since I used two pages for this piece, I only have three, yes THREE pages left in my watercolor Moleskine!! WOW. 

Oh, and by the way, in the same vein of taking Christmas off, this Saturday will be the last Artist's Play Room until January. I'll still be around this December, I certainly don't want to stop making art, it'll just be nice to breath a little and not have the requirement of making art everyday. See you sometime soon with new art. :o)


If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.

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  1. Oh wow. These are just adorable. I enjoy penguins, too, and this spread is over the top cute and cuddly.

    I'm like you. I need a bit of a breather during the month of December. I'll be glad when I can take a break. Just two more days and we can call it finished.

  2. Oh don't get me started on penquins Jenn,
    They are just so funny, lovable and unique little creatures. They seem to be very popular this Christmas... maybe due to the advert that's on here at the moment.
    I created a silk painted a pair of Emperor penquins once but I have no idea where it went. I think it was sold before I left Brunei if I remember rightly but every time I see them I want to paint them again.
    You've done a brilliant job with your magnificent seven!
    I'm happy to hear that you'll be have chocolate for Christmas... it just wouldn't be right without.
    Enjoy the holiday to the max.
    Hugs to you and your Mum


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