Friday, November 14, 2014

AEDM Day Fourteen

It's late in the day and I'm totally behind in my art. But at least I GOT IT DONE for AEDM. I'll have to wake up tomorrow and do a bunch of art to get ahead again (oh the horror!), doesn't that sound like a terrible thing to be faced with? ;o) Ya, terrible. Right now it's less than half an hour until the fourteenth of the month ends and i'll have missed making art everyday. HURRY JENN, HURRY!! Hey, I'm typing and photographing as fast as i can!

Ok, my art is drying and as I wait until I can photograph it for you, I'll give you a little hint about what you'll see when you scroll down the page. I'll sing you a song.

I don't like snails or toads or frogs
Or strange things living under logs
But mmm, I love onions!

Onions, onions, ha-ha-ha!

Root doot doot-doot, root toot doot!

I don't like to dance with Crazy Ted

He's always jumping on my head
But mmm, I love onions!

Onions, onions, la-la-la!

Onions, onions, ha-ha-ha!
Root toot doot-doot, root toot doot!

I don't like rain or snow or hail

Or Moby Dick the Great White Whale
But mmm, I love onions!

I don't like shoes that pinch your toes 

Or people who squirt you with a garden hose
But mmm, I love onions!

Onions, onions, la-la-la!

Onions, onions, ha-ha-ha!
Root toot doot-doot, root toot doot!

Yup, it's the "I LOVE ONIONS!!" song. I used to sing this in grade seven when I was in a ukelele band. We were very popular and we were GOOD! Hehehe. It was such fun, we played and sang and were even on tv one Christmas. We also were the only band ever to play in the huge Episcopal Church that was downtown Saskatoon. Do you love ONIONS?

Well, if you don't I hope you like mine. I wrote the whole song all around the outside of the onion. Such fun and great childhood memories.

The newest teacher for SBS is Andrea Joseph. I've been looking forward to her class ever since I started "Beginnings" months ago. When I heard she'd be teaching in "Seeing", I immediately signed up. I love her work. GO look at her art here on Flickr, it's GORGEOUS. You can buy her book here. It's amazing to see all her art in one place. Any artist or art enthusiast would love it as a gift. Just so you know, much of her art is done using plain old ballpoint pens. You know, the Bic pen? Ya, that. Amazing right? I thought so too.

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  1. lol, unions are great to eat and for medics and obviously, as art :)

    Now I have to buy a red one :)


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