Monday, November 10, 2014

AEDM Day Eleven

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and I decided this would be a good time to paint up the poppies that I've wanted to do for ages and ages. I did an amalgam of four poppy photographs and used the background from the full blown poppy. I know that this year, here in Canada, Tuesday will be an especially poignant Remembrance Day since just a few weeks ago our country experienced it's first terrorist attack. I dedicate these poppies to the military personnel who sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you for your service.

I will also be entering this art into Art EveryDay Month over on Leah's blog. I really enjoy her November challenge, it forces me to concentrate on art for a whole thirty days. 

I'll be continuing my art everyday after November ends but it'll be a different challenge. Brenda Swenson has a seventy-five day challenge to do art everyday and I'll be starting that right away. Her rules are strict. If you want to complete her Sketchbook Challenge and earn an artistic license, you'll have to use NO pencil and only use either black or blue pen. There is no color allowed, no pencil, no wiggle room. I'll be using a new Moleskine sketchbook specifically for this seventy-five day challenge. I'm a little concerned about doing it over Christmas but mom has promised to force me to sit down and do some sort of art every single day. Cross your fingers for me, it'll sure be, well, challenging. ;o)


If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. Poppies are going to be EVERYWHERE tomorrow. I am so glad you drew these. They are beautiful. And I like how you dedicate them (and the day) to the person who lost his life to a terrorist. That was so sad. What impressed me were the people who stood for miles and miles watching his casket go by. We don't do that in the US. If we did, we'd be standing a very long time due to our crime rate.

    Again, I love these poppies.

  2. I really like the texture of your green background

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. no other words for it.


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