Monday, October 20, 2014

Sketchbook Skool Has Started AGAIN!!

YAAAAAAY! I've missed having assignments, homework and new ideas being thrown at me. The last three months have been tough so being able to start learning and doing art again is such a relief. This time the course is called "Seeing" and the teachers are Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Liz Steele, Brenda Swenson, Cathy Johnson and Andrea Joseph. The basic course outline is to teach us to see our environment and the beauty around us more accurately and also to try and find our own style within our way of seeing and drawing the world. I was so excited to see that Andrea Joseph was teaching one of the six weeks of classes, I've been following her blog and art for years.

So, this, the first week of Skool, we have Danny up trying to get us to find the bliss in drawing. Try to find the nirvana in the minute details of something. He chose toast. Yep, I said toast, lol. The assignment was to go get a good piece of bread, artisanal if you can, and toast it. No butter, he says. Now, sit down and draw your toast. See the craggy holes, the interesting color differentiations, the unique shapes and undulations within the walls of the toast. He wanted us to try to get to that blissful place where time falls away and all you're doing is drawing what you see. 

He was right, I got right in there. Time fell away. Mom had gone to visit my uncle in the nursing home (that's one of the tough things from the last three months, his severe diagnosis of two kinds of rare Alzheimer's) and when she got home I couldn't believe two hours had gone by. My toast was cold but I was warm and toasty (pun intended, lol). I took another half an hour to add more shadows then I photographed my beautiful gluten free bagel. I was quite concerned when I watched last semester's students draw their toast. I didn't think my GF bagel would have enough personality. I mean, you take gluten away and you don't get as much leavening so the bread doesn't have as much "personality". But, I put it in for a good toasting and got a great landscape. I present the puuurtiest bagel I ever did see. I gotta say. LOL. Isn't she gorgeous? And gluten free too!!

Toodaloo everybody. I gotta go find something complicated yet with personality. Danny drew his bike. I don't have one of them!!! ERG... Now what?

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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