Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh To Be In Paris In The Springtime...

I have to admit I have two places I want to go. Really, only two places in the world that I dream about visiting. One is Hawaii. I've already done a  couple of drawings about that. You can see the posts here and here. The other place I've always wanted to see is Paris. I want to go for all the usual reasons that any artist wants to go Paris. I want to walk along the Seine and soak up the ambiance. I want to drink coffee in little coffee shops and watch all the other Parisians eat croissant. (Darn, I've gotta be gluten free!) I also want to stop anytime I see something noteworthy and draw it in my Moleskine. That's my dream.
You Are HereEifel Tower
That's what inspired this painting that took up two pages in my big Moleskine. Can't you just imagine yourself sitting on the sidewalk, under that awning, drinking a spectacular cuppa? Seriously, I bet I could fill a whole 8" x 5.5" Moleskine of beautiful and iconic places, scenes and architecture from all over the city. I'd so love to visit the Louvre. Can't you just see yourself walking down those amazing hallways and seeing some of the most spectacular pieces of art ever made? I truly dream of doing that. Now, has anyone got an extra $10 000 dollars? Hehehe.

I'll keep dreaming and wishing and crossing my fingers. Have any of you been to Paris? Tell me about it, where's the best place to people watch and have a great cup of coffee? Did you paint while you were there? Maybe if I get the paint set I want for Christmas it'll give Santa a hint to include a ticket to Paris so I can break in my new travel palette. Ahhh, if wishes were fishes...

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Later Alligator!


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  1. Hmm... I was sure that I'd written a comment before Jenn, but it appears to have disappeared. Maybe it's gone to Paris on holiday too? ;D
    I was taken to Paris as a surprise 10th wedding anniversary present. I didn't know I was going until very early on the morning that we were to travel. It was incredible and I loved it. You've reminded me that I need to put it back on my wish list.
    Amazing journal pages... I loved it. The little cafe looks so inviting. I've booked a seat!
    Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  2. My husband and I went last year and loved it! Our first eve there, we took a cruise up and down the Seine which gave us a good view of many thing we would end up seeing; the next morn, we headed straight for the Eiffel Tower--again, a good way to get a great view of where everything is at. I would just recommend spending an entire day in the Latin Quarter. Start at Notre Dame and then just walk all over there! There's the famed Shakespeare & Co bookstore just across the Seine from it and then work your way through the Quarter. Our last day was spent like this, stopping here and there for a bite and a glass of wine, ALWAYS sitting outside. It's just beautiful! We also visited Versailles one day--I would do this in the middle of your trip just to get outside of the city. The palace is great but the IMMENSE gardens are amazing. You can wonder through them all day! Check for timing of fountains and music (they have classical music playing that really sets the tone!) so that you're there for that. Visited the entire area around the Louvre (Palace, gardens, Arc de Triumphe, shopped a little on Avenue des Champs-Élysées) but goodness! The Louvre can take days--which we didn't allow or really have time for but we still got to see the Mona Lisa and so many other famous works. There is just so much to see--I would take at LEAST a week, if not more, esp if you want some real leisure time. I could go on and on! I would love to go back someday to catch what we missed. Oh, btw, we're real foodies and up for trying about everything, esp in other countries, so I didn't think I'd be real impressed with their famed "steak and fries" place (I never eat fast food, and I thought this just might be similar) called L'Entrecote (ôte-paris-3) but oh my goodness, the sauce is to die for. It's totally worth it and part of the experience. Sorry--this is a lot of info but once you get me started....!!


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