Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Review: "The Unforgivable Fix" by T.E. Woods

"The Unforgivable Fix" by T. E. Woods  was a really good book. It was a little different than I thought it would be after reading the synopsis. This is the third book in the series of "Fixer" books and after reading this one, I'd recommend reading them in order, which I didn't do! I think the story would be even more improved if I'd known the back history of the character called "The Fixer". 

The series is based around the main character called "The Fixer". When you cannot get justice anywhere else and you have nowhere else to turn, you contact the fixer and she will analyze your situation and decide if you deserve help. The Fixer's brand of help is murder. "Never a doubt. Never a mistake. Always for justice. Never for revenge." The Fixer only does one job a year and always only once in each Country. There are never any traces of what happened or any police investigations.

In this, the third installation, I learned early that long time police detective Mort Grant figured out who The Fixer was and let her go in the interest of his own personally held beliefs in justice. But now, Detective Grant's daughter is in mortal danger and the only person Grant knows who can keep his daughter safe is The Fixer. Allie Grant has gotten herself into a real pickle. For the last four years she's been the girlfriend of a notorious drug lord and now his enemies are coming for Allie.

As the above synopsis suggests, I thought this would be a very fast paced book. I was surprised to find it not so much a head long run  for answers but instead a psychological cat and mouse game. The tension built at a good pace but this book didn't have the chases I thought it would. As I said, it was a psychological thriller, which was a lovely relief from the many books that are overwhelmingly fast paced. DOn't get me wrong, T.E. Woods built fantastic tension because your really wanted everything to work out for all involved. I have to give this a high four out of five stars. I wish I could use half stars as this is really an eighty five percenter. It was well worth the time and was actually a very fast read. I found that I could, in fact, put it down when I should go to bed but I also picked it up the moment I had a second to read another chapter. I think anyone would love this book, I just suggest starting with the first in the series ("The Fixer: A Justice Novel"). If I had, I think I would be giving this a five star!

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