Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Tools Of The Trade

I'm having a whole lot of fun drawing up all my pens and paint supplies. I got the idea  to draw all my new pens from Tommy Kane and Jane Blundell. In fact, I'll probably repeat this process and do something a little more like Tommy's "Weapons of Choice" drawings. I love that he wrote stuff about the pens but I ran out of room when doing this drawing, lol. I do love how it came out though. I can see me doing drawing after drawing of my art supplies. Hey, I love buying them, I should at least get some great subjects to draw too!

I must admit, I don't yet own the Whiskey Painter's Palette, I just used the stock photo of it to add it to this drawing. As you can see I haven't even painted it up. I'll wait until I pick the watercolor paints I decide to use in it before I complete this page. This palette is so far the only thing on my Christmas list so I'm hopeful everyone around me will get the HINT. :o) I can't believe how fast my watercolors are running out so I guess I'm also going to have to add Daniel Smith Watercolors to that list... the palette will hold as many as twenty-four colors if you also use the center channel for half pans of paint. I'm probably going to go in that direction because I don't think I'd use the center channel for anything like brushes anyway. I have a pencil case for all that stuff so the channel might as well be filled with another eight half pans of paint!

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Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back soon with more art. There's always a list of stuff I want to try and get into my Moleskine. I think I could draw twenty-four seven and still not have enough time to get it all in. I think that's probably a good thing!

Later alligator!

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