Friday, August 15, 2014

Since I'm In The Kitchen...

Since I'm in the kitchen, did anyone want anything? LOL. This is my final homework for SBS (Sketchbook Skool). Tommy Kane taught the last week and he's all about the detail. I'm into that. I loved the assignment, go draw your kitchen, in all it's glory. My kitchen isn't glorious in any stretch of the imagination but I do love how the piece turned out. I love how Tommy gave us "permission" to not be perfect. Scale and perspective don't have to be spot on, in fact, some of the best paintings and drawings are made all the more interesting because the scale and perspective were off. Tommy pointed out that many of his favorite drawings of his own are the ones that went wonky but he kept on going and finished them anyway. That's his ONE rule. FINISH your work, don't give up on a drawing, no matter how wrong, wonky or just plain bad it is. You gotta love that rule. No perfection, just follow through. That I can do.

My Kitchen, blemishes and all!
We'll talk soon, I'm sure. Even though SBS is over I'll be keeping my journal up to date so there'll be much posting of artwork. I also have a book review coming in a few days, just gotta read the book first. LOL. Too bad you can't do popcorn with a book like you do a movie. The butter gets all over the Kindle. ;o)


If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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1 comment:

  1. Well thank you for letting me into the heart of your home Jenn,
    You've created a fantastic sketch. I really am impressed with all that I'm seeing and hearing about the SBS. I'll have to keep an eye and ear out for when it might start again.
    I feel like I can really visualize you working away on a culinary delight right there in your kitchen.
    Now how about that cuppa? ;D
    Have a wonderful weekend


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