Friday, July 11, 2014

There's A Penguin In My Moleskine

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My Moleskine is gonna fill up fast! I find myself thinking about art hourly. What am I going to draw up? What would look great and be fast? What should I take my time with? I even woke up this morning with a laundry list of things I wanted to add to my sketchbook. I'm having such fun documenting my life and I can see just how addictive this could get. It will also be so darn cool to look back years later and remember vividly what I was doing when I made that drawing.

Obviously I'm loving Sketchbook Skool. I plan on taking the next semester as soon as it's offered. I know myself, I procrastinate and my one fear is that six weeks isn't enough to build a habit that I'll stick with. I'm thinking that twelve weeks just might do it though. ;o)

I drew up my Kindle Paperwhite today since it's giving me such blissful pleasure every time I bring up another readily available book. What a blessing all this technology is, eh? I mean, could you ever live without the internet or your iPhone? Ya, me either! The Paperwhite features a touchscreen so you can just "swipe" the screen and the page turns, kinda cool, ya? The little penguin in the upper left hand corner of my Moleskine represents the Penguin books I get to review. I love discovering new authors and am so darn flattered when they ask me to review a "big" author. There's really not much better than Kindles and Moleskines. I'm just a happy camper. :o)

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  1. Sketchbook Skool looks wild fun does it makes you do your laundry so you have an empty basket to sketch is so it's a win - win!!! Talking of wins hopefully you'll be sketching Messi Magic on Sunday - loved your last post on Brazil :)
    Have fun
    Wren x


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