Thursday, July 10, 2014


First page in my Cahier
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More like SEVEN goals, actually. But more about that later. So I'm documenting my life for Danny Gregory's class. In the beginning it's weird to put such mundane things into a sketchbook. But then I realize that first: that's the point, to document your life, and second: I'm using an inexpensive Moleskine Cahier so I can really play and not worry about being too precious. I really try to put long term artwork into my watercolor Moleskines so I now have three choices. Do a big drawing in my "good" Moleskine, do a smaller drawing in my pocket Moleskine or do a fun and fast sketch in the Cahier. I really hoped that this would be how it would work for me and I was actually right, who knew?? I know myself, I can really get mired in perfectionism so getting some unprecious Cahier sketchbooks (read cheap, lol) has worked. I don't feel pressure to be perfect and mistakes are ok, FINALLY.

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Anyway, let's get on with this, huh? Above we have a drawing bemoaning the terrible and painful to watch game between Brazil and Germany. Couldn't you have just cried for Brazil? Their head of offense has a broken back that happened in the last game and their head of defense got two yellow cards also in the last game so he was out too. Holy Cow, can anyone say train wreck? It was just brutal to watch the slaying. It felt like being a rubbernecker watching a car crash on the highway. *Sigh*. Oh, I had eggs for breakfast by the way, hehehe.

The double page drawing above on the right documented the great pens I use so much, the Pilot Multiball, Sharpie water-based white and my trusty Pentel waterbrush, love that thing! Then I drew up our one living hosta. I have to remember to water it or it's gonna go the way of the Dodo, just like it's friend did last summer. Lastly I drew the laundry basket. I love when it's empty, don't you? With all my chores done I had a cuppa but didn't draw that yet. LOL. Talk soon, I have another page started, this time in my pocket Moleskine. It's so great to be drawing again. I think I have a tiny art crush on Danny Gregory. ;o)


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