Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review: "Guilt By Degrees" by Marcia Clark

This is my final book review centering on Marcia Clark's mystery novels. Ms. Clark is one of the best authors I've ever encountered and her prowess as a writer shows in "Guilt By Degrees", her second book in the Rachel Knight series.

In this book we learn more personal information about Rachel Knight, the deputy district attorney for special trials in L.A. We learn about her personal life and the struggles she's endured by delving into her back history. We also learn what a private person she is. Rachel's intelligence is shown in the way she untangles huge amounts of information. In this book the author shows her main character to her best advantage, making us wish we had some of her supremely useful sleuthing skills.

As my readers know, I never give "spoilers". The best part of a book is the Ohh, really? WOW!! moments that a reader comes across. Why would I want to ruin those for you? So, all I'll say is that although the mystery this book is based on wraps up nicely, we are left with a cliff hanger at the end. We do find out who done it, but..... well, you'll see. You'll love the ending. You'll love the series. I know you'll love the author, Marcia Clark. Go out and give yourself a treat, it's a great summer mystery.


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