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Book Review: "Guilt By Association" by Marcia Clark

I reviewed Marcia Clark's latest Rachel Knight book last week and now I've started reading from the beginning of the series with "Guilt By Association". My God she's a good writer! You seriously don't want to miss this series. There are four books so far, here they are in order (It always frustrates me to figure out which one to read first!)
  1. "Guilt By Association", pub. Apr 2011
  2. "Guilt By Degrees", pub. May 2012
  3. "Killer Ambition", pub. June 2013
  4. "The Competition", pub July 2014
"Guilt By Association" introduces us to all the characters who will continue in each of the next three books. Rachel Knight, our main character, is the Assistant District Attorney in the Special Trials Unit for Los Angeles county. She's funny, highly intelligent, compassionate and wears her heart on her sleeve. Rachel is single and lives in the Biltmore Hotel because her job is her life and she successfully prosecuted a case inspiring the wealthy victim's husband to generously offer her a room at a fantastic price. You can see Rachael Knight's L.A. and some of the amazing and real places she visits in the book by clicking here.

Rachel has several great friends. Toni, another Assistant District Attorney in the same section as Rachel and Bailey Keller, an L.A.P.D. Detective. Having friends who understand your work makes all the difference in Rachel's life. In this book we also meet Jake who works with Rachel and Toni in the Special Trials Unit, that small group of hand picked prosecutors who handle the toughest, most sensitive and celebrated cases L.A. has to offer.
"Guilt By Association" focusses on the rape of the teenage daughter of a wealthy and politically connected man. The victim's father uses his influence to try and manipulate the case but Rachel Knight is having none of it. She will find the rapist with the help of her intrepid friend Detective Bailey Keller and without the subterfuge from a bullying parent. But in the background, as Rachel and Bailey work exhaustive hours trying to find a rapist, they also try to discover whether Rachel ever really knew Jake. A horrific crime has been committed in a seedy hotel. Could he have done what they're accusing him of? How could she have worked with a man for so long but still know so little about his personal life. Had she let Jake down, not asking him about what his life was like outside work? The story is gritty and complicated, making you think about just what happened in this situation.

Within several pages you are gripped in a shocking and tightly written mystery. The author doesn't let go of you until the very end. I always love books where I really have to work at unwinding the mystery and Marcia Clark's books always bring it. Go buy her whole Rachel Knight series and read them this Summer, you'll be hooked by the time you have to brush the sand off your feet!

I am doing Skektchbook Skool (taught by Danny Gregory and other artists) for the next six weeks so keep coming back for NEW ART and even a few book reviews. Art will be the main focus from now on though. Thank You for your patience! 
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