Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Review: "The Competition by Marcia Clark

I'm reading a new author with a great new series out and you're never gonna guess who the author is. Ok, yes, her name is in the title, but do you actually know who she is?? She's that Marcia Clark. Yep. The one who prosecuted O.J. Simpson. Holy Cow. I KNOW! That's what I thought when I found out. She can write? Cool! Let me tell you, THIS WOMAN CAN WRITE.

I don't think I've made myself clear yet, so let me get all dramatic on you. Marcia Clark is the best new author I have ever come across. Really. For Serious. No Kidding. I've read two of her books, the first of the series ("Guilt By Association") and the fourth, "The Competition" and I can truthfully tell you I have never come across an author who writes so tightly and without superfluous details. Ms. Clark's writing is a joy to read. One never tires of detail or thinks can't she speed this process up? It's all just a supreme pleasure, every well placed word and well turned phrase. I know I'm getting all mushy about this author but I can't get over just what a spectacular writer she is.

I've been a book hound for many years, since grade school actually. I have some especially beloved authors on my booklist so I am shocked to find someone even more accomplished than my favorites. So many authors, even the Gods like Robert Heinlein usually could use some strategic editing. There's always extra paragraphs that probably should have been cut before publishing but weren't. There's none of that with Marcia Clark's books. It's awesome to read and not get perturbed. I sailed through both books and have started the third. Let me give you a little synopsis of "The Competition", it just might be your next summer read.

"The Competition" opens with a horrific scene. There has been a school shooting, many students and teachers are dead or wounded. There is chaos and carnage at this San Fernando Valley High School and our heroine, Rachel Knight gets the call along with her bestie L.A.P.D. Detective Bailey Keller to attend the scene and head up the investigation into just what happened. Rachel Knight is the highly intelligent assistant district attorney for Los Angeles and is part of the "Special Trials" unit, the most prestigious section of the District Attorneys office.

In the wake of mass shootings like Columbine and SandyHook, this book gives intimate detail into what it must be like for the investigators. What were the killers thinking, why the penchant to kill? How do you investigate such an emotionally wrenching incident without further traumatizing the survivors?

As I said above, Marcia Clark is a most excellent author. This series starring Rachel Knight has four books in it so far. The latest book, "The Competition" is released to the reading public tomorrow, July 8. All her books stand alone as terrific mysteries but they are even better as a series. I recommend reading them all, they're just so well worth the time. Obviously Five stars!

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