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Book Review: Terminal City by Linda Fairstein

Linda Fairstein has her newest book, "Terminal City", staring Alexandra Cooper coming out on July 17 of this year and I got the chance to review it. I hadn't read any of Fairstein's novels and when I discovered that she has written a series of sixteen mysteries I was thrilled. I also learned that Ms. Fairstein comes by all the meaty details used in her books honestly, she led the Sex Crimes Unit of the District Attorney's Office in Manhattan for twenty-five years. Now I was seriously intrigued and wanted to give this sixteenth book in the series a really fair shake. It seemed only fair that I get to know the character (Alex Cooper) from all of Fairstein's books better, before delving into "Terminal City". I decided to read the first book in the series, "Final Jeopardy", so I purchased the Kindle edition and jumped right in, I'm very glad I did.

Linda Fairstein is a terrific writer, the mystery part is intricate and interesting but the best part of her books, the part that elevates the mystery to something seriously special, is all the historic detail contained in each story. It seems that Fairstein chooses a site in every book to illuminate and give spectacular details about. In "Terminal City" she chose Grand Central Terminal, the heart of New York City. 

I'll readily admit I am NOT a lover of history. I get bored reading books set back in the olden days. But the incredible and totally cool information given about Grand Central, imparted in an interesting way, made it so enjoyable to read. In fact, I backtracked an entire chapter and read it to my mom just so she could enjoy the incredible historical details about Grand Central. What I read made me add New York City and Grand Central Terminal to a list of places I have to visit, it's now on my bucket list. Fairstein forks out digestible pieces of historical detail, all expertly woven into the mystery that surrounds it.

Alexandra Cooper is an assistant District Attorney for Manhattan in New York City, specifically heading the Sex crimes unit. Homicide detective Mike Chapman and Special Victims detective Mercer Wallace work with "Coop" to solve the city's worst crimes. In "Terminal City" a young woman is found tortured and murdered in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. The brutal murder is complicated by the fact that the President of the United States is scheduled to arrive and stay in this same hotel next week. The case becomes the city's top priority as the killer continues upping the anti, leaving bodies closer and more connected to Grand Central, the place the President will be terminating his whistle-stop trip after taking the train all over the States, glad handing constituents. Is the killer after the President or is this something else? Alex, Mike and Mercer, along with the FBI must end this cat and mouse game soon and figure out how this all connects to one of the most beautiful and complicated buildings in New York City. 

This book was truly a pleasure to read and I'm so glad I took the time to get to know the characters first by reading the first in this sixteen book series, "Final Jeopardy". I truly appreciate the accurate details about how the sex crimes division of the District Attorney's office runs and I reveled in the background cases and goings-on that Fairstein adds to her books. I can, in all confidence, recommend this entire series, book one was a five star, as is "Terminal City", the sixteenth book in this series. Linda Fairstein is a spectacular writer, weaving fact and fiction together so the reader learns something as she enjoys a thrilling mystery. Bravo.


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