Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Review: Suspicion by Joseph Finder

It seems I've found a new author to enjoy. His name is Joseph Finder and he's written many books in the thriller/mystery genre. I was asked by Dutton/Penguin Books to review Mr. Finder's newest thriller "Suspicion". When I read the trailer for it I found myself intrigued and I have to admit, I was thrilled to find out he had written at least twelve other highly successful mysteries that I could then sink my teeth into after I got hooked.

The story opens with Danny Goodman finding out that his daughter's private school will not work with him so he can pay the fees in increments. Danny's ex-wife died of cancer last year, devastating his his daughter Abby. Danny just wants to keep Abby's life the same as it was before her mother's death. Thankfully, just before the school kicks his daughter out, Thomas Gavin, a very rich man, gives Danny $50 000 to help him pay for everything. Thomas Gavin is the father of Abby's best friend and claims to Danny that losing Abby from the school would upset his own daughter too much so he's happy to help Danny with a generous loan.

When the DEA comes knocking on Danny's door, claiming that the loan he accepted from Gavin makes him a co-conspirator in drug trafficking, Danny is forced to work undercover for the government. The DEA wants evidence against Gavin who works with a drug cartel. Danny tells one lie after another to the ones he loves and his behavior puts everyone in danger. Now the trick is to get out of this whole mess without ending up dead.
I certainly wasn't disappointed in the writing prowess and flow of "Suspicion". Finder's book was easy to read and flowed so well I found myself quickly immersed in the story. The story was also believable, intriguing, fast paced and interesting. My only complaint, lowering my review from a five star to a four is that the main character, Danny Goodman was so ineffectual in his own life that in the end it put his family in mortal danger. It would have been possible to still have the same story and outcome even if the writer had made Danny just a little more decisive. I liked "Suspicion" which will be available for purchase or download on May 27, 2014 and I look forward to going back and trying other books written by Joseph Finder.


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