Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book Review: "The Burning" by Jane Casey

I read a really good new author this week. Her name is Jane Casey and the book was "The Burning". So far, there are four books in this series featuring Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan. The book is based in London and is a police procedural/who done it. 

The media has labeled the latest serial killer stalking London's women The Burning Man. He bludgeons his victims mercilessly then sets them on fire, leaving each woman dead and burning in one of London's parks. A large task force has been set up but The Burning Man has been lucky so far, leaving little evidence for the police to go on. DC Maeve Kerrigan is given the task of collecting evidence around the fifth victim, Rebecca Haworth. As the task force chases down leads, Maeve starts to wonder whether this latest victim just might be a copy cat and not actually be the fifth victim of The Burning Man. Now she has to prove her theory without annoying her bosses.

The main character, DC Kerrigan is an enthusiastic cop with a keen mind. The problem is that her colleagues just don't take her seriously, she's a woman and she's Irish, two strikes against her. The prejudice against her is palpable, her peers in the department think she's too compassionate and that her empathy makes her a week player, but to do her job Maeve must ignore the jeers and whispers behind her back. She wants to prove her worth, she's a good cop and she loves her job no matter what.

Author: Jane Casey

Jane Casey's first book in the DC Kerrigan series is a solid four out of five stars. The Burning allows the reader to get to know the main character, Kerrigan, and how she functions in her job. The Burning kept my interest throughout the book as I tried to decipher just who killed these women and did the serial killer also murder the last victim. It really kept me guessing and trying to figure out the motive that each player had. I will certainly be adding Jane Casey to my author reading list and I'm looking forward to the next police procedural starring Detective Constable Kerrigan. Maeve is a terrific new character and will keep my interest through many books in a series. If you like trying to figure out who done it, this is a terrific read, giving many psychological details of the possible suspects. Go out and try this author.


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