Saturday, February 8, 2014

Artist's Play Room # 92

Good Lord, I have a memory like a sieve lately! I swear, about twenty minutes ago I'm making my way to the washroom, yelling over my shoulder to my mom, telling her that I swear there's something I've forgotten to do today.

"Maybe I should make a list", I ruminate.

Well, it didn't take five minutes when a lightbulb went off above my head.

"It's SATURDAY today!!". Yes Jenn, it's Saturday, get your head out of the proverbial clouds. Hehehe. See, when I was previously writing themes for APR I did a huge bunch of them ahead of time, even fitting the theme into whatever season or holiday was coming up. Now, with no themes, I'm writing them on the spot, saying what's on my mind at the time. The problem is my memory seems to totally suck at the moment, hehehe. 

Anyway, I have a favor to ask of my cool, terrific and generous readers/friends. I've been really craving Baking Powder Biscuits lately! As most of you know, I have to be gluten free and baking powder biscuits are one of the few recipes I truly miss. Donuts from Tim Hortons? Nope. McDonald's Big Mac? Not really. Mom's fresh Baking Powder Biscuits? HELL YA!!

So, has anyone out there got a tried and true gluten free baking powder biscuit recipe? I know I can troll the internet but we also all know that that's a total hit and miss kind of game. You might get something terrific, or you might get a hockey puck! Speaking of hockey pucks, GO CANADA!! The women's hockey team already won against Switzerland, YAY!

Anyway, if you have a recipe to share I'd be forever in your debt. Can't wait to see your art this week. Oh, did I mention... GO CANADA!!

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Haven't the Sochi Olympics been interesting already, with all the tweeting about the accommodations not being finished etc? So far the sports are going off without a hitch. LOVED watching the snow board tricks last night, wow, so cool. Great addition to the Olympics, don't you think?
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  1. Hi there! I am brand new at the Artists Play Room. I'm excited to see what everyone has created this week.

  2. Yes, Jenn, hooked on the winter Olympics - the BBC coverage is first class.
    Hope you are keeping well. Sorry I can't help with the gluten free problem. I've never heard of Baking Powder Biscuits, I'll look them up.

  3. In the US the grocery stores sell Bisquick biscuit mix in gluten free. Check your store there for it. It is pretty good.

  4. I'm loving those new Olympic events too! And the APR gets a gold medal :)


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