Monday, January 20, 2014

You Have The Key To My Heart

It seems that at the moment I'm totally enjoying doing monochromatic drawings. I love trying to achieve the three dimensional-ness of objects. It used to stress me out to no end when I looked at a photograph and trying to convert it to a monochromatic drawing. I guess I didn't used to know how to analyze the shadows. I'm not sure what I did in the last eight to ten months to "Learn" how to interpret shadow but I sure am having fun with it now! Don't you love it when you learn stuff through osmosis, ostensibly without you're having to do anything?? I LOVE that! Hehehe.

Now, if only that worked with learning a language or a new subject. I'd totally want to learn French, (hey, in Canada that's useful!), and maybe geography! (I suck at geography, by the way. Although I'm embarrassed to admit just how lost I get when watching the news. I hate being generally stuuuupid about something but no matter how I try, I still forget where the heck Bangladesh is on a map, lol.) And with that, maybe I'll go buy a globe, it's getting to be news time. ;o)
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Oh, and sorry that the camera didn't capture this that well, it seems the pencil doesn't get captured with the flash so some of it looks a little weird.


If you're looking for this week's APR just click here. I'll also probably be adding this to Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches if I can just remember to do it!!
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  1. You've certainly cracked these babies Jenn, they're brilliant!
    It's funny because I always use that term by 'osmosis' too ;D
    Also I've had a set of keys driving me mad this week because whilst in a shop I saw on a display (not for sale) two huge old iron keys on a ring and oh boy I WANT THEM...but they wouldn't let me buy them. I just can't get them out of my mind...and then here's yours!
    Maybe I'll have to draw them and be content with that!

  2. my word! i wish i could draw like you ! these are wonderful - your art is incredible, jenn,

  3. Beautifully drawn Jenn. This would make a lovely fabric design! keys are such interesting things,what do they open? where do they lead?:)

  4. I need a globe or a world map, too! ;)
    Lovely keys!! :)

  5. Each progressive drawing leaves me amazed at your patience and the clarity of your work.

  6. That's a cool key collection, my friend!


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