Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life's A Bowl Of Cherries...

I'm having such fun drawing. I'm actually doing a lot of it lately, drawing I mean. So much that I ran out of time to actually post what I drew for my own Artist's Play Room last week! You know, I've never really been a prolific artist. I've never known that need and desperate want to create. Don't get me wrong, when I'm in the middle of a piece I'm ecstatic, loving the process, watching what I'm creating bloom on paper. But until now I've never known that wonderful sounding "desperate need" to create. I know one of my good friends Tracey Fletcher King is blessed with that muse. I've always been a little envious, wishing she could parcel up a little piece of inspiration and send it to me as a present.

Well it seems an unknown Christmas present arrived a little late this year. When I started drawing early last week I found that somehow, in my sleep, I had found the muse of inspiration that pushes you to so totally want to go do art twenty-four hours a day. WOW. It's a little overwhelming but I'm totally NOT complaining. LOL. My hand aches and my brain whirrs as I draw and draw and draw. I think I've done fifteen to twenty pieces in a week! Holy cow, I've never wanted to create like this. I hope the feeling never leaves me, I'm gonna to do my utmost to use and deserve it.

Here's a pen & ink drawing of a cherry branch done in my Moleskine. The only bad thing about wanting to draw all the time is HOLY COW my hand hurts! hehehee. Talk soon? OK!
(Click to enlarge pictures)
If you're looking for this week's APR just click here. Not only will I be adding this sketch to my own APR this week but I'm also going to join Sunday Sketches and also hopefully (If I remember to) Paint Party Friday. It's always good to make new friends. :o)
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  1. My creative urges always surge and retreat...and they also shift around to different mediums or projects. It always comes back...and it's lovely!! :)

  2. Holy Cow - 15-20 drawings in one week! Can I have some of whatever gave you that phenomenal start to the year? Put your feet up and (if you want) and take the rest of the year off... Or keep going and let us know when you get to 100!!! Your call.
    Lovely to read about Jenn, long may your zest for drawing continue, I love to see your lovely work
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  3. So pleased you are enjoying Drawing again Jenn your cherry drawings are luscious. I just love doing anything creative, I call it 'creative pottering' in fact the only thing that annoys me is when life gets in the way of creative pottering. :)

  4. I love when that happens!! Seems it has hit our home too for two of us feel the creative energy that sometimes hides away!! Beautiful work and enjoy!! Love Tracey too...she is one in a million!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I'm so impressed Jenn ;D
    Your drawings are fantastic and seriously if you've managed to draw 15/20 to that standard then I want whatever you've had...whether it's in the water or whatever form it comes in please!
    I'm hoping by just posting a comment to you that some of it might rub off on me :D

  6. Oh my your drawings are amazing!! I am such a fan of Tracey and her art-she's actually the one who inspired me to give sketching and watercoloring a go and I'm taking two online classes now :) Hope to see you next week at PPF!

  7. Wow. The detail is fantastic! And I can think of worse problems to have than wanting to draw. I never seem to have enough discipline and patience to practice as I should because I find it so tedious. (Says she who loves beading with itty bitty seed beads!)

  8. That is a serious amount of drawings, made me feel like a sloth in comparison. Loving the ones you have shown. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Great to be so inspired! Fabulous job on the cherries!

  10. Your drawings are absolutely stunning.


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