Saturday, January 25, 2014

Artist's Play Room # 90

Early this month I did a bunch of black and white Pen & Ink sketches, sometimes using a pencil to add a little shading. Do you remember me mentioning those drawings? I'm betting you wondered why I didn't show them, right? Ya, well, they were done as a gift for a good friend who's venturing out a little and widening his culinary horizons. He wanted to learn some new recipes and asked if I'd go through all of mine and choose my very favorite. I thought, what a unique and cool thing to ask for as a present! Of course, as an artist I couldn't just print up a bunch of boring (but totally yummy!) recipes and not embellish them. Hehehe. So, I printed them all out onto good, thick watercolor paper then I got onto adding illustrations to bring each recipe to life. 

I started with my very favorite soup recipe, Pink Shrimp Bisque, which I have shared with the world last year on Dion Dior's Blog series "When Artists Cook". This time I decided to do an actual shrimp drawing. Boy, are those things uuuugly! Hehehe. I looked up an actual shrimp and was horrified that I was gonna draw him. Eek! But I powered through my squeamishness and added him to the blank recipe. I think he looks much cuter in Pen & Ink, lol. You should just be glad I haven't shown you the crab I did. That'll have to be on another week. Remember to scroll down for APR, I can't wait to see your art. :o)

Click to Enlarge (my photography skills seem to have sucked last week!)

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  1. That cookbook you did for your friend will be a treasure in itself. I think most bottom feeders are ugly, but you definitely captured the best side of that shrimp. Blessings, my friend!

  2. hahaha! i cant believe you touched the thing, haha! only cooked, not raw

    your drawing is wonderful, such a loving touch to share with your friend, i hope he knows how lucky he is to have you as a friend :)

  3. Love your shrimp, so good to see you back at the pens. I hope to be back blogging next week. Still settling parents into the retirement home.
    Will write soon.
    Luv Von

  4. Great shrimp. I'm sketching in ink these days too.


  5. I'm afraid as a veggie i'm a little squeamish when it comes to shrimps, you have drawn it really well though Jenn. ;)


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