Saturday, January 11, 2014

Artist's Play Room #88

Hi all, out my window this morning is rain, rain, RAIN. Did you know, I don't mind? Yep, I'm a rain girl. I love it. I actually find it energizing. Who cares if I get rain hair, I can put up with a bit of frizz! I'll give you that I do wish it was a little warmer, but that's  not the rain's fault, it falls no matter if it's warm or cool. Of course, I'm just glad it's not cool enough to change it's basic structure from heavy, fat, wet raindrops to light, fluffy, cold snowflakes! We have a saying here in this part of Canada, "At least we don't have to shovel it!", hehehe. 

Funny enough, the crocuses are actually trying to stick their little heads above the ground already! It's been a rough winter so far all across Canada so an early Spring would sure be welcome. Usually we chuckle when we have flowers so early, thinking of the East, suffering through the lower temperatures. I'm thinking this year we'll just keep those crocuses to ourselves. No need to rub in the bad weather the rest of Canada's suffering, huh? So no sniggering under our breaths here. Mother nature might decide to punish us for our arrogance with more winter weather!! I'm gonna be good, I promise! :o) Enjoy our second Artist's Play Room of 2014.
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Thanks to all of you who participated last week, you all did spectacularly! Better than me, I did art but didn't get it posted!! Bad Jenn, baaaaddd! ;o)

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  1. Couldn't find what the challenge is this week. Hope it isn't rain - we've got a surfeit of that here in UK!

  2. Hi Jenn, dropping by in the middle of my 'blogbreak' - which leaves me some time to (besides creating, much needed housekeeping an reading... had not done the latter for months! Finished 2 books already)where was I??? Oh yes, extra time to scroll your blog and I'm so happy to see you're back and energetic and enthusiastic! I, too, am glad we can leave 2013 behind. We don't know what this year will bring but let's hope it's better, much MUCH better stuf than you and I faced... so YAY, go on, go forward and keep on rockin' my friend!

  3. Hi there! I'm brand new to Artist Play Room and also a new follower. I'm excited to see everyone's art! =)


  4. Good idea to have a 'free choice' theme - it gives us a good variety of different work to look at when we visit the blogs.

  5. I love this open topic - I can play more often.

  6. Okay, this is just a WIP submission, but any progress is progress, especially right now. Back tomorrow to see all the others!

  7. Happy to report no rain here today, although I think it may be on it's way. Our poor bulbs are sprouting too...I say poor because I'm sure this mild spell won't last and the winter will come back to bite!
    Thanks for hosting once again Jenn, I'm really going to try to enter each week. That's the plan anyway ;D
    Have a wonderful weekend


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