Sunday, March 3, 2013

Treasure Hunting

This week's Artist's Play Room theme is What Do You Treasure? When I think of the things I treasure I think of both physical and sensory things. I have a silk pouch filled with little trinkets, a jade heart from my mom, a tiny glass flask filled with fairy dust from a childhood friend, my Girl Guides pin, my alumnae pin from the University of Victoria just to name a few. And although at some point I may take the time to draw up all of these lovely treasures, what I also treasure are things like beauty and color. So, I decided I'd cover COLOR. One of my very favorite things, I treasure how color makes me feel.

I find that just looking at bright vibrant colors invigorates my mind and excites my senses. Color actually makes me happy, supremely, giddily happy, particularly when it's in a liquid form like nail polish! ;o) Yes, I know it sounds kind of vain but I LOVE nail polish for just the exact reasons I mentioned above. It also helps that with a great selection of color I can make my nails look awesome! I actually have a lucite holder with shelves that mount on my bedroom wall to showcase all the cool colors I have collected over the years. It's like looking at all the watercolor paints I have in my palette, just in pretty little bottles. It's a rainbow of color!

I have a ton of colors, turquoise, red, taupe, grayfuchsia, purple, lavender, wine, pink, grass green, olive, black etc. in both plain and glitter. It's a real love affair, I must say. (Oh, I can't wear orange or yellow, they make me look dead.) I'll tell you something that I'm sure you'll use against me later... I have them color coded. Yes, I'm a nut, but you love me anyway, right? The gradation of color on the wall almost looks like art and seeing it every morning as I get dressed truly does ding my bell and make me smile. I'll admit though, it sure is hard to pick a color to use when you have so many choices! I try to be fair to all the colors and use them equally (I mean I wouldn't want a color to feel unloved) but it seems that my penchant for green and pink tends to rule most times. Do you think the other colors will forgive me??

Anyway, I thought I'd paint up my favorite colors of nail polish into my Moleskine. Even in the Moleskine they make me happy. :o)

I'll be back soon, I want to review the Stillman & Birn sketchbook paper I generously got from Dion and I also hope to finish a book for "review and art" to participate in The Artful Readers Club over at Art & Sole. It'll be a fun and busy week!

Talk soon? Yes?? Good!

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  1. My daughter shares your love of nail polish & has a huge collection, too!

  2. GORgeous colours Jenn and a choice close to many a girls heart I'm sure :0) Mo x

  3. Fabulous nail colours, my eldest daughter has a million colours, including some rather bright neons. Unlike you with your lovely colour coding, hers are strewn about the room peeking out from all sorts of places. How she finds anything in that room I don't know. The painting sure looks great in your moleskin.

  4. What a giggle Jenn, but I bet you have beautiful nails to show off thdse wonderful colours.
    I myself have stubby, fragile excuses for nails!
    But I have been know to wear the odd bit of glitter polish lately!'s our secret! ;D
    Your painting is just polished to perfect! LOL
    You sound like it's going to be quite a I'll do likewise and get a wriggle on!
    Have fun and keep them nails polished girl! :D

  5. I remember the days when, as a five year old (and we're talking 50+ years ago!), the pharmacist at Brooklawn Pharmacy in my hometown tried bribing me with beautiful nail polish if I only would stop biting my nails. I tried. Then my parents tried painting my nails with bitter "Bite Stop" -- and it was then that I learned that I could pick at my nails and cuticles, even absent-mindedly, and keep them short.

    As I got older and wanted to show off love-sent diamonds on my fingers, I tried again to stop this self-injurious habit. It was then that I discovered I can't type nearly as fast with nails above the tips or even at the tips. I tried false nails, expensive manicures, all to no avail. I'd rip off the most expensive nails, for the sake of typing -- my vocation as a writer.

    So I chew and I pick, rip and make bleed. Surely there's something psychological about this habit ... and it likely has something to do with my nasty abuser growing up who liked to dig her nails deep into my arms and pull 'til I bled and was scarred. Whatever -- I'll admire nail polish from afar, with a twinge of jealousy. Your painting in your Moleskin is gorge, as usual!

    Proud to be a Bestie ... Ellen

  6. I'm with you all the way on things like colour coding, dvds in alphabetical order, etc! I'm picturing all the lovely colours of the nail polish on your wall, just great.
    But best of all is your text image of colours and the way you have superimposed them. This would really be fantastic for my ARC March review of my book called (and about) colour.
    Love your treasures.

  7. I'm not a nail polish girl. I don't like the way it feels on my nail. I have a few sensory issues. lol I love the idea of your nail polish display being an art form on your wall.

    I'm putting buttons and old spools of thread from my mom and grandmother in glass jars and plan to display them on a wall shelf. I think our walls should be covered with things we like and make us happy.

  8. Colour coding nail varnish? doesn't everyone do this! Totally with you on the colour organisation, LoVellY colours, can I borrow The purple OPI please :)

  9. I used to have sooooo many different colours of nail polish too. Now I don't apply them anymore -- I blame it on having to do too much housework that cause the polish to come off all the time! :-) I especially like the sparkly ones.

  10. I'm not a nail polish person, but I'm with you on how those little girly things make your day! Your bottles are so cute, I totally get why you love all your colors!!

  11. Great painting of the polish. It tickles me somehow that you have color coded your bottles. I only rarely have the patience for nail polislh.


  12. your posts always give me a big smile and occasionally a rollicking good laugh, too!! love the colour-coding and the fun you clearly had with this.

  13. I love your "treasure". I bet they are just gorgeous, like a rainbow on your wall. What fun. I think you need to paint each toenail and fingernail in a different color! Or have you done that already!?


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