Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things I Overlook...

My name is Jenn and I kill plants. I am officially starting a plant-a-holics group, feel free to join me in my shame. It's not like I want to kill living things but I am notorious about forgetting to water them. Maybe this is why I don't have a pet... ;o)

I have a gorgeous plant that sits in the window of the living room. It is not beautiful because of anything I'm doing though. I swear I have tortured this plant for ten years. He must think I hate him because I notoriously forget to water him. Only when I look over and his leaves are hanging over the rim of his pot and I swear I can hear him choking out, "water, wwaaatttteerrr!" do I actually water the poor suffering guy. It's pathetic, he is what I overlook all the time.

I actually think of him as a SuperHero plant, he defies the logic of Nature. How does a plant who hasn't been transplanted in five years, where his terra cotta pot actually cracked from the pressure this winter, survive with so little water, fertilizer and attention? I haven't got a clue but I have to admit, I admire his tenacity. Let me add, we totally love him, just because I forget to water him on an ongoing basis doesn't mean that I don't love looking at his beautiful happy green leaves. He's bushy and thriving despite my neglect. Do you think he'll forgive me someday?? Mom and I intend to transplant him when it's warm enough to go outside. I want to get him a new and shiny big square turquoise pot, give him the pretty pot he deserves. He's my SuperHero plant. His resilience makes me truly happy and I've immortalized him in my Moleskine. Let's call it "Ode to my SuperHero Plant". ;o)

Title: "Ode To My SuperHero Plant"

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  1. I bought plants to add green to my art space last winter by spring they were dead. This winter I tacked up pieces of paper, photos and art in green hues, plants everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. I killed cactus as well I too am a plant killer.

  2. Love your ode to your super hero plant!! Gorgeous black/white work! I have thee other humans, a dog and a lizard to water around here so watering plants seems like an unnecessary task to me - hence, no houseplants. I do, however, enjoy the occasional vase of cut flowers - a week long commitment is about all I can handle!

  3. LOL—I could substitute my own name in your first sentence and it would be equally true. The only success I've ever had was with cacti, which can be ignored for ages, and philodendrons. I'm convinced that the latter are simply domesticated cousins of kudzu, as nothing else would account for such hardiness.

  4. I'm not good with plants either. :-)

  5. Fabulous plant Jenn! I think you will connect with many of us with your honest confession and I *bow* to your SuperHero Plant. Long may he survive :0) Mo

  6. I tend to play favourites....some I water and care for beautfiully and some just get neglected and then I have to take them to m,y friend Tracey to revive... she has the greenest fingers... fabulous drawing... great line work ... xx

  7. If it wasn't for my green thumb wife, I probably wouldn't have very many plants. I do really well with dogs, but they do harass me when I don't feed them on time or they need to go. Wouldn't it be great if plants could just do that?

  8. Look Jenn, I think your SuperHero Plant may have forgiven you already, because otherwise he would have given up long ago by the sound of it!
    Don't worry about having the same trouble if you ever decide to get a pet...they tend to bore holes in your skull by the constant stares around meal times...until you get it!!! FEED ME! ^..^
    I just hope the new pot and sudden change to his environment doesn't send your Superhero into shock!
    Your "Ode to my SuperHero Plant" is fantastic. You've certainly honoured him. Such a beautiful drawing. :D

  9. Jenn, I can, for sure, join your plant group. I only had one plant & it finally died because I could never remember to water it.

    Pets are different. My dog will tell me if I'm even 1 minute last with his dinner.

  10. You are not alone, Jenn. I too, do this.
    My poor summer flowers get so thirsty on hot summer days. But, I'm just too busy doing much of nothing to water them. I start off with good intentions. These flowers are my super hero's as well, even with their dry dirt they bloom for me well into fall. This year, I am really going to treat them much better. A drink everyday. I promise!

  11. Bwaha-ha-ha-ha, I share your affliction. It's unintentional, I promise ... but seriously, I am not to be trusted around anything that is green and needs to thrive.

    Too often, those I love put this to the test. One friend (should I say "supposed friend"?) gave me a lovely and expensive orchid plant for my 50th birthday. It DID take me about 6 years to kill it but slowly but surely I did. Incidentally, it never bloomed past the first show.

    For Valentine's Day, hubby John gave me THREE plants with a note that perhaps that now that I am retired, I might see fit and find time to water the things. One was a miniature rose plant. Dead within 2 weeks. The next was a bamboo stick with roots (I suppose a plant). It seems to be alive though I haven't checked. It lives in water; how can I go wrong? The third -- alas -- another orchid. It has finished its blooms; it's still alive but give it time -- it's only been a month. John waters it.

    There are "WANTED" posters out for me at every local nursery. Wanted for murder, I am afraid. I don't take care of them outdoors either, figuring that's God's job. Problem is, it's mine if I plant them in the scorching sun where God didn't intend them. Alas and alack.

    Your drawing is lovely. Let's hope it doesn't appear in Superhero Plant's obit any time soon.

    Much love,
    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  12. I'm not too good with plants either Jenn! beautiful Drawing of your superhero plant :)

  13. This drawing is gorgeous, I love at the detail work. I used to love houseplants, but it's hard here in Minnesota, with the short winter days and dry air from running the furnace. Those pots you posted are so pretty. I sometimes buy pretty pots, hoping that it will cheer up my dried out, light deprived plants but it doesn't seem to help!!

  14. It cracks me up that your blog title is "Just Add Water Silly" and right below it is a post about not watering the plants. I have the same problem at my house. I'm the plant assassin around these parts. I guess we use all of our watering for paints!

  15. I stand with you in plant shame. I have killed so many plants the greenhouse lady told me mint was my last hope. She said if I killed the mint there was no hope for me. Happily, the mint lived- and took over everything around it...

  16. To my shame I can see three sad plants from where I am sitting. love your ode and the line work on your drawing is fabulous.

  17. The super-hero plant is wonderful! I love these big vivid leaves! It looks like a super-hero-star on a red carpet!

  18. I'm fortunate that most of what grows doesn't depend upon me... I'm happiest with my "weed-flowers" and gave up growing green things awhile back.
    BE Well, Jenn. Sorry I am just getting here Now. It was a week as Gracie and I got attacked by 2 dogs Wednesday afternoon and I took a very hard fall.
    Thinking of you with well wishes and smiles.

  19. I always cringe when I hear somebody start a sentence with "is it wrong?" because I know that something really stupid is fixin' to come out of their mouth.
    English Bulldog Puppies


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