Monday, March 11, 2013

Stretched A Little Thin...

Hi everybody. I sure hope you'll all understand, but I've realized that I have to take something off of my table of "things to do" so I can immerse myself in my art in deeper way. What I've decided is that for a month or so, I will be seriously limiting the number of emails and comments that I respond to. I really appreciate all your comments and enthusiasm but I must create some personal time for myself.  I'm hoping this will clear off some of my schedule and allow for more art time for me. I'm feeling really disorganized at the moment.

Please forgive the potential rudeness of my not responding to your lovely comments, it does not mean I don't appreciate you all but it's absolutely  necessary at this time. Thanks so much for understanding. I will still certainly be putting up the Artist's Play Room Challenges (don't worry, they're all already written so that pressure is off) and I will participate in each challenge, I just won't be getting back to every comment and response. I really do hope you all understand.

Thanks for listening, I will be back soon with a prewritten Stillman & Birn paper review, finally. LOL. I've only had the sketchbook for two months, see, totally overwhelmed. And all I really want to do is paint, really get into it and get down and dirty. I need it. And I'm gonna to it. NOW. Thanks all.

Much Love,

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  1. I know how you feel, Jenn. Time spent on the computer is time NOT spent on art. I struggle with not spending too much time on the computer too, so I totally support your decision to make more time for art. You go, girl! :-)

  2. you just breath and create worries..... respond when you can.


  3. I totally understand. I often think I need to just 'turn off' the comment section on my blog!

  4. Good for you, girlfriend!! Know I'll be here "on the other side," always for you. Meanwhile, do be in touch if I can help you (you know how -- is it time?) or anything. I'm on the hunt for a nail polish to send to you in your next package! :)

    Much love, as always,
    Ellen (CardMonkey)

  5. No worries!! I cycle in and out of blogging and arting all the time. It's a balance and I never expect a response from comments. HUGS AND YOU GO GIRL!! xoxo

  6. I love your blog. I just found it through Dion Dior. I just wanted to let you know that your Twitter link and Facebook link are broken.

  7. Jenn, whatever you do is fine by me...always has been...always will be.
    I can fully understand what you're saying because I have been feeling the same myself for a few weeks.
    Don't you worry about replying to me...I'll be here whenever you are free to visit. Art comes first! ;D
    Good luck with all of your ventures and creative time!

  8. I'm astonished that you do as much as you do. It isn't necessary to respond to every comment. We just want you to know we appreciate your blog and your work. The more "me time" you have, the more we benefit from your creativity.

  9. Jenn, I totally understand. There is no need for you respond to every post. I appreciate so much that you even do the Artist Play Room I've meet some really nice people here. I hope you have a wonderful time painting. Look forward to seeing your work.

  10. Oh yes, I understand you very well and I think this a very good decision and you will enjoy it! I am sending you my best wishes and have lots of fun and inspiration for the forthcoming creative weeks!!!!

  11. "Rudeness" is not a word I associate with you, and I'm sure I never will. You must take time for yourself, especially your artwork, which is an integral part of who you are. Blessings!

  12. What everyone else said! Art comes first, that's what this is all about! I really appreciate the Artist's Playroom, it's been inspirational for me. So, thank you!!


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