Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebration Of Women

This week's theme is in honor of International Women's Day that took place on March 8th. I thought it would be a good idea to do our Artist's Play Room theme centered around women. When I thought about what I wanted to do, I must admit, for a while I was seriously stumped. Then I happened to go get the mail. I live in an apartment so my mail is downstairs in the lobby and to get it I have to use my key ring and my mail key. That's what rescued me.

Several years ago when I wanted my key ring to be a little more fun, I went and looked at some dangles I could add to it. I chose three decorative dangles to add to my boring keys. Each piece has a special meaning to me. I chose them very carefully, I of course wanted them to look cute but no one would actually guess what each little dangle means.

Purple Hat Dangle: My mom has a saying, "When I am old I will wear purple", this saying is what made me choose the hat. I want to live fully and free, not worry what people think about how I am in the world. Is it ok for someone over forty to sport long sparkly turquoise nails or vibrant strips of color in her bangs? Who cares, if I want to do that to express my individuality and rock my artistic nature then I'm gonna have at it!

Pink High Heel Dangle: It sometimes may be uncomfortable to be yourself but it's worth it. You also have to stand for what you believe. I particularly love limousine platform shoes (I'm short) and they're hard to wear but just like it's sometimes difficult and hurts a little to put yourself out there, so it is to wear those gorgeous shoes. But it's so darn worth the pain! Besides, it's so good to rock that sexy attitude.

Flirty Dress Dangle: Remember that you are a girly girl, even if it makes you uncomfortable. You may not wear bows in your hair but it's ok to let that flirty nature out and let others see that part of yourself that you keep hidden. It isn't a weakness to be beautiful or lovely or feminine.

I wanted to bring everything together and when a friend sent me the "Dreams" heart it all did. That's what my dangles are, dreams for myself. The way I want to walk through my life. I work on it everyday, to have the strength to  be my best self, warts and all, to accept who I intrinsically am and to do it proudly. I think that's what women's day is about, being the woman you are in all your glory. It should be celebrated everyday, not just on March 8th.

I drew this up in my Moleskine just using pencil and a couple of pencil crayons. I took a page out of Andrea Joseph's style book and ran with it. I have to admit, it was such fun to honor that perfectionistic lean I have and allow myself to be picky about where every shadow went. It took some time and effort was was well worth it!

Talk soon?? Yes? YAY!

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. It WAS well worth it Jenn. In my packing to leave Colombia...(58 years in 6 suitcases)...I came across my old charm bracelet that my mom gave me when I was 9. Each charm I collected over the years is so special. I'll leave it for my granddaughters.

  2. I absolutely love this kind of detailed, caredful drawing. Thank you for sharing your gems. Love those very feminie key dangles you have. :-)

  3. Your key ring drawing is beautiful! How thoroughly you did the details! It's wonderful!

  4. Love your drawing. Your key chain is so fun.

  5. This is a great drawing and attitude towards womanhood, Jenn. Blessings!

  6. Truly perfect Jenn! A beautiful piece of art by a beautiful woman. I love the purple poem, I have it on my wall to remind me that I need not be afraid to let go and be myself even if other's disapprove sometimes. Hope you are managing to catch up with your workload and yourself and are enjoying some greatly deserved you time :0) Mo x

  7. I think the "key" to keeping balance as a woman in this very confusing world is to keep a light heart and embrace all the various parts of yourself. I love how this illustration of keys says that so well. Thanks for the inspiring and beautiful post and art. I have to say, I tried some complicated work yesterday with acrylic, ink, watercolor and all sorts of things and wound up with gunk. It was lovely to see such a beautiful, thoughtful drawing done with simple materials. I love it (and Andrea Joseph, too!)

  8. Jenn, I love your key ring drawing. I also love the fact that you are such a girly girl and proud of it. And that you are proud of the things in your personality that make you unique. Have a good time off. I totally understand! I link to so many sites and some of them have over 100 people that link to them! I feel badly that I can't comment on all of them and some weeks I don't even get to replying to their comments on my work, which is embarrassing!

  9. I love this! The keys and dangles are so dimensional, they are practically coming off the page. And I love how it represents you embracing who you are!!

  10. Your placement of your drawing on the page is perfect, and such a beautiful, detailed and shadowed drawing. It says so much about, and is such a good way to express the challenge.
    The poen is one of my favourites, and I DO have a purple coat which I love.
    For those who have not seen the poem, it's 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph. Check it out on

  11. Great homage to Andrea Joseph's style.. and great subject matter... very very cool conmposition... and I am wondering if Grey counts as streaks of colour... I have two white grey streaks that have formed... sort of cruella de ville style... xx

  12. this really made me pause, reflect, and enJOY both pausing and reflecting.

    BEautimous, by the way, Jenn. I love the way you DO draw and create magic!!

  13. Wow girl you can draw!
    This is absolutely brilliant Jenn, I love it!
    I have a keyring that has an fur booty on it and I have to say when I dive into my handbag to find them, I certainly jump when my hand touches something furry! LOL
    Not sure what they says about me...maybe yep, I'm girlie in that respect!
    Hey, so if I flirt at the St Patrick's Day Party later, I can say that it's okay, I'm just embracing my femininity! ;D
    Not sure what hubby would say?!?!
    Thanks for being the perfect host yet again and keeping us all on track with our art work. You're a saint. xoxo


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