Saturday, March 2, 2013

Artist's Play Room #47

This week's theme was "BLORANGE", the combination colors of blue and orange. It seems that color theme weeks are exceedingly popular and I intend to do more of them in the coming months. I found myself finally liking blue and orange a little more than in the past, they work together like peas and carrots (yes, I know peas and carrots are GREEN and orange but work with me here people!) In the future I'll suggest that you think up your own favorite color theme, combine two colors and name them, but that's in the future. Until then let me show you all the blue and orange art that we produced this week!
CatNeesieMy Art
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What do you treasure? What things are important to you? That's our theme this week. So, search your heart for the things that mean the most to you. Maybe you keep a treasure box and you could draw that or maybe it's all about family for you or how about colour. Is color what lights your world? Think about the things you treasure and the word itself, make art to illuminate that theme. GO!! Here are some things I treasure and some other ideas of how to bring the word TREASURE to light...

A treasure boxColor & CandyLove, Pets & Animals
A Treasure MapBeauty & NatureReach for your Treasure, Trees
I hope everyone has a great upcoming week and we all get warmer (or in the case of Australia, drier) weather. I'm totally crossing my fingers and toes for an early Spring! I want warm! I'm sick of being c-c-c-cooold!! Go forth and do art my lovelies!

Now, I need coffee... who can I bribe to get me a cuppa? Damn, I wish I owned a smart dog with opposable thumbs. ;o)


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  1. What a wonderful gallery of BLORANGE art! I do wish I could have joined in, but there was just no time—no any likelihood of any before April. :-( But I do get to enjoy everyone else's terrific work! (Gotta love that blorange zebra. ;-)

  2. I treasure is that I have a place and the opportunity to create art every single day is I want too.


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