Friday, February 8, 2013

What's In Your Pantry?

Hiya. Yep, a little late in getting this done. *sigh*. Why is it that when you're bored you can't store up the extra time for the next time you run out? That would be SOO cool. I wonder what you'd store time in?? Hmmm.

I've been test driving my new Stillman & Birn Sketchbook. Dion generously sent me  the Gamma series sketchbook for me to test out and do a review for S&B. So far I'm thrilled. I'll be doing a review in the next week and tell you all about the paper etc. I want to do a few more paintings and use some other media before I roll out my review. But, I do want to thank Dion for sending the sketchbook to me, it was such a nice thing to do. Thank you Dion!

I must say, painting up cans is HARD!! The labels have so many details. It was fun though and I'm kinda thrilled with how it turned out. 

Anyway, that's it for today. I'll obviously be back in a few hours with the new Artist's Play Room but I'll give you a hint on the subject so you can start thinking about what you might want to do... What special day is coming up next week?? Think CHOCOLATE HEARTS, lol. ;o)

See you guys later. Oh, if you have a spectacular eggplant recipe that you're willing to share, go to Dion's site and leave a comment or email her. Her latest "When Artists Cook" is a call for a great eggplant recipe. Go help her. I'd appreciate it, hehehe. (because I intend  to steal the recipe too!!)

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. yeah, i stink at pantry pix. i don't even cook, jenn! but i do like chocolate, so that one might be a bit easier for me :)

  2. I hear ya on the label details...cereal boxes are just as bad. lol But hey, you did a fantastic job of your pantry sketch! Looks great!

  3. I did a painting of part of my pantry for a WAC post and was cursing part of the way through because all the cans and jars were so detailed... drove me nuts so I know what you have gone through to make this look so great... awesome work...xx

  4. Gorgeous work Jenn...I struggle finding the patience for such detail so I totally admire you. Thanks for all the love by the way, I've been getting some great eggplant recipes which I'll share soon. Hugs sweet friend xx

  5. Cool! This is so Andy Warhol, Jenn. Blessings!

  6. I couldn't even attempt detailed cans and packets - not even undetailed ones either. I admire this type of work so much .... You and Tracey are masters of it.
    Love the pic, and it really fits the challenge so well.

  7. Wow, this is pretty awesome. I just came from Serena's and loved her box of cereal and I love this too. Did you take a picture first and then sketch from the picture? It bugs me that I can't sketch. Great job! Have a wonderful day.

  8. Great job on the jars and cans! I agree—painting the labels is hard. The detail is overwhelming and tedious.

  9. Great detail, I LOVE skippy! This has made me hungry for a sandwich.. :)

  10. Hi, Jenn ... I'd make some sort of wise-crack about your great looking cans but then you might think less of me ... Or perhaps more of me, as a punster? I am having a tough time with motivating this winter. I have ideas, but the desire to hibernate is overwhelming. It's my inner polar bear! Even my chickens have not come to roost!

    I am not a big fan of eggplant, so I will pass. But have you tried spaghetti squash?

    Much love,

  11. Your hard work paid off, these are fabulous. Tins are mongrels, I hate all the little fiddly bits on labels too. Dion is lovely for sending you that journal, looks really nice.
    Bring on the chocy I say.


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