Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shall We Play A Game?

Do you remember that line from a blockbuster movie from 1983?? Can you name it? I'll give you a hint, it was said by a computer. Have you figured it out yet? I watched the movie War Games that year about three times, I was fascinated by the computers and what could happen if they weren't programmed correctly. Who knows if it had anything to do with reality, it was such fun to watch all the war games going on. Ahhh the eighties, leg warmers, big shoulder pads and the Rubik's cube.

I love games. If I can cajole anyone to play with me I'll get the cards out. How about a game of Gin or Canasta? If you don't like cards, how about Scrabble? I warn you though, I have a pretty good vocabulary. (Now, I can't spell my way out of a paper bag but that's another story.) OOh, if you don't like words, how about a good game of Yahtzee? I LOVE Yahtzee!

I think the reality is that I just love spending time with the people I love. If that's playing games or having coffee or just watching tv together, I'm a happy camper. Strangely I'm not much of a social animal. I don't relish a good party. I'm not a wallflower if I'm at one but I'd rather spend good time with close friends, of which I have a very short but special list.

Because of my love of games, I thought I'd add a page commemorating my favorites to my Moleskine. This completes this week's theme of "BLORANGE" for The Artist's Play Room. Scrabble, Cards, Yahtzee... wanna play?

Scrabble, Gin, Canasta or Yahtzee
I'll be back soon with more stuff this week. I'm starting a new challenge and I'll tell you all about it in the next few days. I also want to give a shout out to all the lovely people who wrote, tweeted, pinned and Facebooked about FEATURING. You guys are so darn helpful and if I were playing a game with any one of you I'd let you win! (Well, at least the first round, hehehe.) You guys ROCK. Thank you!


If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.
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  1. We are a games family... canasta is a big family favorite and we play double handed patience, which is a fab game... but sadly gin is no longer played... Sinus and I used to have epic games going on for days until I was in labour and he trounced me.,.. thinking the labour pains had something to do with it, but hasn't played me since... he figure he is the gin god seeing as he won so convincingly last time... almost 17 years ago!!!!!

    anyway... love your blorange... the moleskin is looking great... I actually painted up my blorange mug today and put it on FB... may have trashed you a little ... sorry but it was meant with love and you will send me a mug with all those bobbley bits on it ...xx

  2. What a great page, every thing looks so dimensional. We are a card and board game playing family so I really enjoyed your theme.


  3. I have always wanted to learn how to play canasta!! Maybe a project for an upcoming weekend. =) Love the theme, especially the playing cards.

  4. Yahtzee!! I haven't played that for years, I loved it, I need to find those di and scorepad!! Thanks for reminding me with this great drawing :)

  5. I've always wanted to learn to play Chess. I will some day. Love your art, so dimensional. Great job! Oh, I'm great at Scrabble.:)

  6. The playing cards in your artwork and the alphabet characters on the scrabble tiles are just perfect, so beautiful.
    Dev and I play chess at breakfast, lunch and tea, and the way we play it is a lot of fun and discussion ... "Do you really want to put your Queen there?....."
    We've abandoned real life Scrabble for Word Feud with ourselves and the family on our iPhones.
    Enjoying APR so much Jenn, thank you for it.

  7. This is a great drawing and painting, Jennifer! I love all the blue and orange in the detail on the "Jack". Our family loves to play "UNO" after a meal together before we serve dessert. We have the UNO which is automated and "spits" cards at you if you have to hit the button! It is great when playing with younger kids because they love that energy and excitement. Although they don't like it if they were down to two cards and "IT" spits out 5 more!

  8. games are really fun, and I love the memories your post has brought me. it's a little harder these days, just me on my own, but I DO have wonderful memories of Yahtzee tournaments, Hearts nights with friends, other card games, Bridge, which is a thing unto itself... games seem to BE a family thing, too, though what I loved reading your post and the others' comments is how they have adapted their love of games to the digital World.
    BEautimous painting, too, Jenn. you are quite gifted in this department!!

  9. The dice & letter tiles just jump off the page! Awesome job!

  10. That is fantastic, they look so real. We love games here too, for cards it's gin rummy or strip jack naked (no there isn't any stripping involved, don't know why it's called that) and we love Cluedo, monopoly etc. I'm not sure who cheats the most but I always win when I'm the banker (he he).
    Love your colours and I've got to get me one of those moleskins one day.
    Von xx


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