Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Post: Mail Art Round-Up

Over the years I've made a bunch of mail art, some were sent in fun trades, others probably ended up in the bottom of a drawer. Since I didn't get time to make mail art, (oh the horror!!), I thought I would do a mail art round-up and show you what I have done in the past. Sound good? So with no further ado, I present MAIL ART ROUND-UP!!
So, there you go. I do love mail art, maybe in the summer we all could do a mail art swap. THink about it, eh? Talk to you all soon, new Artist's Play Room tomorrow!


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Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

These are all excellent examples, Jenn, but my favorite is your winged pig. His chubby face is precious! I love mail art too, so sometimes I decorate the envelopes for cards I give to my wife and daughters with faux stamps and addresses. I thought about posting some of those too, but didn't. Maybe next time. Blessings!

Mary Walker Designs said...

The butterfly would be awesome for a notebook cover

JoyCorcoran said...

I can imagine the thrill of receiving such beautiful one of kind pieces in the mail. Thanks for sharing them -- I know who ever received the flying pig had to wonder about all the things that would happen "when pigs fly."

Morag Archer said...

These are just fantastic, I love your flying pig and also the butterfly, it looks striking against the coloured background.

Terrie Purkey said...

You've made some delightful pieces and obviously put a lot of time into creating them! They're little works of art!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

These are all just wonderful Jenn, but my favourite here is the ABC one.
I would be well up for a mail art swap, so I'll be first on your list.
Well, second after you, hehe :0) Mo

Currie Silver said...

such a nice collection, Jenn!! I've been so inspired by this APR. thanks so much for lighting the fire under me to Just DO It!!

Neesie said...

What fantastic pieces of artwork Jenn,
My goodness each one is brilliant and just shows how versatile your art is.
I love the flying pig but the butterfly is stunning. In fact they all are.
You're such an inspiration ~ thanks :D

Gloria said...

These are fabulous, Jenn. Your zentangle butterfly is amazing! I love your Spring eggs too. I am glad you are feeling better.

minnemie said...

These are all delightful...hard to pick a favorite... but the coffee (hazelnut?:-) and spring may just win. But then there is the butterfly... and who will not love the pig? And.... oh dear, love 'em all. Yes to postcard swap in the summer!

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