Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do You Know About FEATURING Magazine?

Hi everybody. I wanted to put up an update about the magazine I write for, FEATURING magazine. Right now we're diligently working on issue 4. The issue coming up to print will be extra exciting because there's a huge article about mail art. That's right, art made by you. Marit (our editor-in-chief) says she'd been inundated by some very cool pieces of mail art on a daily basis and she wants to send out a thank you to all who have sent something in. 

Something cool that I know many of us have been waiting for is the ability to buy a subscription to the magazine. After issue 4 is out in about a month, you will be able to buy a yearly subscription to your favorite art magazine, FEATURING!! Even better, by subscribing you will save 15% off the cover price.

One thing we could really use your help with is getting the word out about our spectacular art magazine. We have great reviews that you can read on our testimonial page but most members of ‘the artsy world’ are still not yet aware of FEATURING’s existence. In the few occasions that we saw someone drop the name of FEATURING on a blog, the comments said: “I’ve never heard of the magazine before.” That's a shame, isn’t it? We believe there are a lot more people that would love the magazine – if only they knew about it!

We, at FEATURING, want to give the magazine the possibility to grow and earn its place in the arts and craft world but that will only be possible when more people know and buy the magazine. Soooo…  we need your help to get the word out!

Are you a fan? 
If so, you can lend us a helping hand by spreading the word and promoting the magazine.
Tell your friends about it. Share your enthusiasm on your blog. If you are a member of a forum, make a comment on the discussion boards and share a link to the FEATURING website. Also, Marit has said that if you take your magazine to an art or craft store and show them how fabulous we are and they order FEATURING for their store, YOU will get a free one year subscription to the magazine. Woohoo!! Total bonus! :o) Just send us an email telling us which businesses in your town you showed FEATURING to and you'll get credit if they order. And just so you know, we at FEATURING truly appreciate your help. We think our fans ROCK!

If you'd like to Tweet, Like, blog or connect to FEATURING, here are our links.

Website: www.FeaturingMagazine.com
Twitter: @Featuring_Mag
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Featuringmagazine
YouTube: www.youtube.com/featuringmagazine


If you're looking for this week's APR just click here. I'll be back soon with a bunch more content and MY submission for this week, I will participate dammit, lol.
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  1. it is a great mag and added some details to the end of yesterday's post... fingers crossed lots of people get in and start to order it...xx

  2. I added a bit to the end of todays post. It looks good but it works out quite expensive for me £11 ish including P&P... maybe a birthday subscription is the way to go!

  3. I will try to get a chance to blog about 'Featuring' magazine over the weekend, Jenn. :)


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