Sunday, February 10, 2013

Death By Chocolate

Who knew I was into self flagellation and torture? What, you wonder have I been up to? Painting chocolate, that's what. I am a crazy person to have assigned the theme I did for this week. I didn't think it through. Nope, not at all. I thought it would be fun to paint up some chocolates, cool shapes, different chocolate blends, lovely brown colors. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Torture, total chocolaty torture. My bad. ;o) But ohhh what a way to go. Death by chocolate.
The problem is I LOVE CHOCOLATE. A lot. I love chocolate a lot. Probably too much. Ok, definitely too much, lol. This is why I thought it would be fun to draw up all those little interesting shaped chocolates. You know, there's the round shaped truffle and the square caramel and the spiral cherry cordials. And then there's the ones in the gold wrap that are some kind of coconut or nut-type and the ones with the different swirls on top, those are usually different kind of cremes. Oh yummm, all those different kinds of chocolates. The stuff of dreams.

So, I tortured myself for a couple of hours drawing then painting these little babies up today. I even heard from Vonny who complained that I was a hideous friend to make her torture herself with all these chocolate pictures, she's painting up chocolate too, lol. At least I'm not alone in all the yearning and drooling.

Now, see if I had been smart like my friend Tracey who usually paints the actual item instead of just pictures of the item then I would have had a bunch of chocolate in the house. The goal then would have been to get the painting done before I ate my still life. At least I wouldn't have been tempted to lick the screen, instead I would have had a box of actual chocolates to devour after my arduous painting session was done. Yup. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Did I mention that I'm stupid??
"Chocolates" painting in my Moleskine
Ok, enough complaining about my lack of chocolate. It's my own fault, I mean it's not like there's a deficit of chocolate nationally or anything. So, suck it up Buttercup. No chocolate for you, you should have thought ahead. There's always hope someone will love me with chocolate on the 14th, right? *Jenn crosses her fingers and toes*

Have a great week all, and I hope you get LOVED with chocolate! :o)


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  1. Jenn, I loved your blog post. You are so funny. I'm thinking food as a still life is a mistake. You are the second person I've heard about wanting to it your subject before you finish the painting.

    That is the one upside of not being a sketch artist. If you do collage... you eat the candy and then use the wrapper for the art. :)

  2. I find brown a hard color to work with, but you've done a fabulous job creating rich, deep browns. They look velvety and beautiful.

  3. I have been cursing you all morning as I have been painting up some chocolates... they are on the table tempting me to indulge and I have trying so hard to be good.... and they are distracting me so I'm not doing a great job... the torture such a fun theme is causing... may need to just eat the suckers and do something different...xx

  4. LOL...what a hilarious bunch of weak willed chocoholics we are?!?! And here I am trying to keep my weakness under wraps too....not any more apparently after the tamtrams around here last week. I don't know how many times I restarted my piece due to the exhibit going missing! Heaven knows where??? (She says with a gleam in the eye)!
    I had every intention to submit a chocolatey theme something or other, but failed miserably! Hence no entry this week ~ sorry Jenn :(
    I've looking longingly at your choccy's now...they look so real I can almost smell them....oh I need help!!!
    I bet there wouldn't be this much problem if you asked us to do household cleaning apparatus ;D

    Have a great week and I'm slightly ahead for this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I actually get to enter the play room :D
    Ciao for now Bella xoxo

  5. Absolutely hilarious!! I think I ned to try to come up with something that isn't chocolate.....Wonderful drawings mind you Jenn, they're all my favourites. I could easily start with one, then move to the next, and then the next and then.......aargh get me out of here!
    :0) Mo x

  6. The chocs and their shadows are so realistic, at first I actually thought they were real.
    Perhaps I'm the one who should have thought of that subject .... I don't really like chocolate much.
    I find brown for the choc difficult and because I chose pencil have to use what I've got.
    Enjoyed your post, a cheerful way to start the day. Thank you.

  7. Oh Jen, yes ... your sweet chocolate candy paintings are a torture because they look so amazingly delicious!!! I am currently addicted to chocolate maybe because of the cold and ugly weather outside. Many thanks for cheering me up with this!

  8. Wow! Iagree with Jez they look so real! Mouthwateringly yummy, less calories too :)

  9. Ahh, it was torture just reading your post, oh evil one. I love your painting of chocs, makes me want to grab one and taste it. How silly are you not having some supplies of the gooey, yummy brown, delicious, oh my, I'm drooling!!! I managed a painting but it didn't turn out quite how I had planned. There is a little something on the post for you (mwa ha ha).
    Happy Valentines Day.
    Von xx

  10. Your funny post is why I did not do chocolates. Yours looked so real, I almost licked the screen! Luckily I typing this late at night and the all night store is too far away to totter to!

  11. mmmm... tasty!
    And the best challenge ever!!

  12. Delicious! Now your chocolate painting assignment is over so there is no excuse to have any in the house. Right? No?


  13. beautiful, jenn! i'm getting heartburn just looking and drooling! haha! happy valentine's day!

  14. LOL.....good thing I have PMS this week and am ALLOWED to eat ALL the chocolate I want....and my daughters Art teacher told her that eating almonds make you I ate an almond chocolate bar...mine, all mine....back away from the chocolate :0)


  15. OOOOH! Those look soooo goood! Hey, we can run out and buy chocolate cheap tomorrow! We will get points for saving money and then deserve to eat a "box of chocolates"!

  16. I keep being too late to come up with a contribution to the Playroom's theme, but with Valentine's Day, I'm finally in :). Haven't had the chance to paint any chocolates, though, I'm afraid I've eaten them already. I'm far too fond of chocolate too, unfortunately. I absolutely love your chocolate paintings, they look so delicious, I just want to eat them all!

  17. What a fun piece! The chocolates are beautiful, and look very tasty too. Hope you got lots of chocolates for Valentine's Day!

  18. They are so right when they say " A little chocolate now and then does not hurt "...Yesterday I made a chocolate banana cake with extra choco chips for my family :) Valentines day was a BIG excuse to satisfy the greed !
    Well I do LOVE the ones you have painted and am HUNGRY for more :)

  19. hahahaha, you crack me up. if only you did not do such a fantastic job with painting these brown morsels, there would have been no problem... but they look so real! I am drooling over here - yes really. hope you got the real deal to satisfy your need.:-)

  20. you are indeed a funny duck, Jenn!!

    gorgeous chocolates, actually, my favourite ones these days are the ones I can enJOY with my eyes and vivid imagination!!

    I am with Lynn about the browns. well done!! it's a colour I find VERY hard to get to play well with others.

  21. Wow, Jenn, these are beautifully done. The shadows, the limited palette, the lovely complementary teal blue...everything is just spot on!

  22. The nice thing about chocolate is it lets you know when you've had too much. It also lets you know when you haven't had enough. I find the better the chocolate, the more satisfying it is and the stronger the craving. It's like building a loving relationship. I love your chocolate paintings. Lots of love in them. thanks for sharing.

  23. Your sketch is far too realistic for my liking, Jenn...shame on you!! :P You sure know how to torture a girl! ;) I'm transitioning to vegan so I'm not allowed to eat dairy. I can only eat that really dark 85% cocoa chocolate that has no dairy - Green and Black's brand. Now, I don't mind that BUT it's not my favourite. I LOVE Ferrero Rocher's, Roses, or Baci chocolates!! SO YUMMY!

    I was hoping to join in this week with the intention of sketching Cody yesterday. He is never far from my side so I think he would qualify as my Valentine. I couldn't imagine life without my little mutt. However, it wasn't meant to be as I ended up having my beautiful granddaughter, Mikayla, come a sleep-over instead. No time to sketch when looking after a two year old. :)

    Have a great weekend! xx


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