Saturday, February 23, 2013

Artist's Play Room #46

I'm sad. I didn't get my bookmarks finished. :o( I hate it when I disappoint myself and don't get even the basics done. Yes I have excuses but those are only excuses, I should have at least finished a bookmark! I had large and wonderful plans for this last week's theme. I love books, they make me happy. I had planned to do a book and coffee cup painting and also get several bookmarks done. (I thought if I made some bookmarks I could use them later as parts of our mail art swap that I'm planning for late Spring. But alas, I ran out of time. I know I shouldn't flog myself with guilt but it sure points out that I have to get my derrière in gear because I hate the feeling of disappointing myself. On a happy note, many of you did some terrific book & bookmark art. Even just bookmarks can be such fun, no pressure, just get creative on a little piece of paper, lol. Here's the terrific submissions you all sent in..
English SpiritTraceyVonny
GloriaMoMaryLisaAdd caption
If you haven't read the rules & guidelines, please go here. If you've landed here after this challenge has been completed but would like to participate in a current or future Artist's Play Room Challenge, just either click on the APR button in the sidebar or click here and you'll be taken to the latest APR Challenge!

Are you having trouble using the Mr. Linky to add your submissions to APR? Well here's some help! Just click on HELP and you'll be taken to my Linky Help Page. Cool, huh? I've got your back!

One of my good friends Tracey Fletcher King wrote the funniest blog post about her favorite colour combination. Tracey's favourite colors are blue and orange, she calls her combo BLORANGE and I thought we could take a page from Tracey's play book and do a colour challenge. SO, do some art using blorange, the combo of blue and orange. If you want to add other colours, great, just use these two mainly. K? Here are some inspirational examples...

Tracey Fletcher KingJCDwayne Brown
Abbie BlackwellSharon ShubertSeon-Jeong Kim
I'll endeavor to do something blorange this week, lol. I also want to give a heads up, I'll be sending out a mass email to everyone who's participated in APR lately asking you guys if you're willing to write a post on your own blog about FEATURING magazine. We at FEATURING are hoping to increase our readership, get the word out there that we exist. I'm hoping that by having everyone I know post about the art magazine, all your own followers will learn about it. Everyone who reads us has great things to say it's just that so many people DON'T know that FEATURING exists.

I'll be sending out the mass email in the next few days with info about FEATURING to help you write a cogent and easy little blog post (if you want to, lol). If you don't get an email by this Wednesday I must have missed you and if you'd like to help please email me, I'd appreciate all the help I can get! Talk to you all soon, hope your weekend is spectacular!


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  1. I was late getting my challenge in this week. I wasn't sure where to post it. If it's in the wrong place can you move it or tell me a link to the right. Thanks

  2. So, slacking off and not entering your own APR, just lucky we all love you or there would have been trouble :)
    You make such gorgeous bookmarks, it's a shame you didn't get the time to do one. I speak from experience as I am lucky enough to have one of your beautiful creations.

    Von xx

  3. Just want to say YOU DO A LOT AND ARE VERY PRODUCTIVE AND CREATIVE. If you met every deadline you'd be immortal, and while we'd be in awe, we wouldn't like you as much :) Thanks for sharing so much beautiful work of your own and others and passing on inspiring posts about blorange.

  4. Okay, so I'm reading along, oohing and aahing over all the lovely pieces, taking note of next week's theme. And there's Coyote. Totally cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. BTW, I stopped by several blogs, including Vonny's, and tried to leave comments but none seemed to post. It may be that all screen comments, but none displayed messages to that effect. :-(

  7. FABulous examples of the use of Blorange. I vaguely remembered Tracey's post so went back to re-read, having a fine old chuckle that brightened my morning.
    I REAlly enjoyed doing this Jenn; having the option of different colouring media made me think about using more than just my pro-markers which I initially reached for. Progress me thinks! Haha.
    PLEASE - ANYone - tell me if you think the blurb (aka Twinkles Twaddle), is OTT on my flickr page. I'm aware it's not a blog but want to make sure I add how I did my stuff. Many thanks, Mo :0) xx

  8. TwinkleToes suggested that the one of the zebra images on my Seeing Stripes post would be right for the blorange. When I looked at it I saw what she meant, so that's why I've offered another one. Hope that's OK.

  9. I've copied Jez and added a second entry too, hehe. It came to me after I was given some 'Friendly Food' :0) Mo x

  10. Blorange you glad the weekend is here? Yes, I know, it's corny. Blessings!

  11. Thanks to Darla who called it to my attention that I created in blue and orange this week without even realizing it!


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