Saturday, February 16, 2013

Artist's Play Room #45

Last week's theme was Valentines, chocolate, Love and roses!! I'm hoping you had a lovely Valentine's Day and had rediculous amounts of chocolate. It seems there was some serious controversy with the making of chocolate art. All the hate and death threats about the torture of painting chocolate can stop now. ;o)

I must admit, even without a boyfriend to shower me with love, I still love this holiday because of course, the chocolate. I reveled in it and so did many of you. Good job!

NordljusSwirly GirlAranthe
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I've been lucky to win several pre-release books lately and I do love to read. So, this made me think about books and bookmarks. I haven't made a bookmark for going on six months so I'm kinda excited to make some new ones. Although it's always possible that I'll draw up a bunch of books and paint them pretty colors too. What are you gonna do to illuminate this theme?? Here are some ideas...
Laura SueSelva WilsonKelsey Dugard
Helga McLeodKellyElise Engh
See you soon. I'm still in a chocolate coma so I think I should have a culpa hazelnut coffee, ya think? Totally on it!!


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  1. I hope I am leaving my comment in the right place for the "party"......I appreciate the chance to see other peoples work and to share my own

  2. Hoping also that this is the right comment area for the books/bookmark challenge! I had fun making my wonky stack of books and other favorites.

  3. Hi Jenn - WooHoo, it's not last minute Mo this week! lol
    Thank you for an 'easy' challenge this week, but I have to say I am SOO jealous that you're reading Harlen Coben's newest book. He is one of my most favourite authors. Enjoy it and let us know how it is won't you :0) Mo x

  4. I love your art so much that I have given you a Liebster Award. The details are on my blog.


  5. I love your art work and your blog.
    Thanks for visit my shop :-)

  6. Thanks for a fun challenge! I love to read too, it's so fun when you have a book you just know you're going to love!

  7. What a great subject! This is my first time to play along. I so enjoy everyone's art.

  8. Ha, sneaking one in this week - an old (rather dull) painting that had some plastic(digital) surgery:-) Could not let a change to celebrate books go by! Great to see some new faces/participants too!

  9. Tailend Charlie reporting in for usual! (breathless...)
    I'm going to have such fun looking into both this week and last weeks entries!
    Can't wait...thanks for beening such a brilliant host Jenn ;D

  10. Since I just featured a book I made during my last post, I decide to make a book plate this week. Blessings!

  11. Just wrote a long appreciative comment for Twinkle Toes, but again a Yahoo window came up insisting that I link my Google account to Yahoo, and I just don't want to do that, so it doesn't let me leave a message. Grrrr. So sorry Twinkle, but I do like your bookmark and your blog.

  12. Woohoo—that was a lot of fun, Jenn! I managed to complete the bookmark begun with last week's challenge, upload (finally!) one I'd completed a year or so ago, and complete a third. :-)


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