Sunday, January 27, 2013

FEATURING Magazine: A Call For Mail Art

What is MAIL ART? Well, I went looking around for some ideas, opinions and definitions. Some of the things said are:
"Mail art: Sharing art outside the museums, non-juried, welcoming, and no obligation for the recipient to respond. Magical, mysterious, inexplicable, experimental, guiltfree, and ever-expanding." from Chaospost
"What I like about mail art is:
1. I can use any material, any process that I want, ie. rubber carving, watercolor, photography,drawing, book making, paper cuts, collage.
2. The image and meaning are more important than the medium.
3. It disperses through the world instead of hanging on a forgotten wall."
from LaVona Sherarts
by Sarah O'Donnell
"For me it's the thrill of opening the PO box and pulling out wild and wonderful treasures from creative spirits around the globe... and the anticipation that MY creation may provoke a similar reaction across town, across the country or even across the globe." from David Alvey
"I have always seen it as a communication-form between creative people." from Ruud Janssen

by Ozstuff1
"Far from the hallowed portals of the official Art World and largely snubbing the seductions of the Art Market, there exists an alternative universe inhabited by strange creatures who exchange their artworks freely via the international postal service." from Keith Bates

So, it seems mail art is being creative on paper with the point of sending it through the postal mail system to other people for the pure  joy of sharing. It also seems that one can use any medium one wants. (assuming it can then still be sent through the mail using a stamp or two, lol.)

On FEATURING's website the specific details are given: 

by Sharon Tomlinson
FEATURING is looking for all kinds of mail art to illustrate an article. If you like snail mail and love to make mail art, you are welcome to send it to us. There’s no ‘reward’ or something so you have to make it out of love for this art form – but then again: creating something beautiful is a reward in itself, isn’t it?

You can send your mail art to:

Sint Wilfriedstraat 4
5643 SC Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Be sure your email address is somewhere noted on the art you send us, so we can contact you. Your mail art has to be in by February 25 (take into account that it may take approximately two weeks for your mail art to get to us if you send it from outside Europe)

mosaic mail art
So, hurry, hurry, hurry and get your MAIL ART in to the magazine, make something colorful, eye catching and interesting but do it quickly and get it in the mail, you've only got a few weeks (not including the art's travel time to Europe.)
I hope to see all of you participate in this call for MAIL ART. Marit (our editor-in-chief) says she can't believe how happy and colorful her mail has become since putting out this challenge, keep it coming people!!

See you soon, with art I'm sure, hehehe.

If you're looking for this week's APR just click here.

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  1. Mail art is such a fun and exciting area... it is great top get something special in the mail... just need some more time to get to it...xx

  2. Many thanks for the explanation Jenn :0) Mo x

  3. To find out news on projects and addresses of other mail-artists, you might consider haveing a look at the IUOMA network at:

  4. I sent something a couple weeks ago. I hope it found you well.

  5. such a great challenge...thank you for the excitement and opportunity :)

  6. I coaxed the post office to accept my cardboard postcard by adding extra postage...fingers crossed it will make the journey to The Netherlands :)
    Happy Friday from Virginia, USA


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