Saturday, December 1, 2012

Final Artist's Play Room 2012 Wrap-Up

I can't believe we've come to the end of APR for 2012. The year of challenges has flown by and been such a wonderful experience. I've loved watching all your art come pouring into all the Mr. Linkies every week. 

I have a favor to ask of all of you who follow my blog and participate in the Artist's Play Room. Next year I'll need nearly fifty themes. I'll be writing a bunch of them up this December so they're ready for the New Year. I sure could use some suggestions from you about what kind of challenges you liked best this year and some ideas of themes/challenges you'd like to see in 2013.

I want to thank all the participants and commenters who come around and read my blog. I'm humbled by how wonderfully well APR has worked out. I am also thrilled at it's popularity, so many of you have expressed to me that it is your favorite challenge that you participate in. This makes me exceedingly happy.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic, onto all the pretty art that you've submitted for this, the last challenge of 2012. The challenge this week was "choose 5 things" and paint them. Now, as you know, I'm never a stickler for the rules so I really don't care how many things you drew up, just make a still life of stuff around your house and have at it!

My still life is a collection of
our candles on the mantel
with one of our Chrismas balls.
Twinkletoes tackled an actual
drawing, although she says
she doesn't draw, I think she
did a spectacular job!
Vonny has done a terrific
traditional still life, although
she doesn't like it, I think it's
Sharon has painted up some
asparagus, I'm loving how
cool and real they look. So
totally juicy, all I need is butter!
Tracey has painted up a great
packed lunch, the last of the
school season as now Australian
kids are off on Summer holidays.
Looks YUMMY.
Currie has digitally collected
 six of her collages into a
colorful montage.
Victoria has photographed
a gorgeous still life of fruit
and art supplies, somehow
it all looks so juicy!
Gloria has painted up
dingo figurines. They have
such flair, I love how
Gloria paints.
Fern painted up all her
heart shaped jewelry, what
a brilliant idea and this
would make a great
Valentine's card!!
Stephanie has made two gorgeous
christmas cards out of scrap paper.
I'm so glad she loves joining APR
this year.
I will be around in December. I'll be reviewing a new book by Lisa Gardner, for instance, lol. If you remember I was privileged to get an advanced copy of her "Catch Me" mystery and I reviewed in here in my blog. Well, her publicist contacted me to review her newest book and an advanced copy is zooming it's way to me as we speak. YIPPEE!! I'm really looking forward to a good mystery. That's one of the areas I've been remiss in, reading. It just gets pushed to the back burner so I can do all the other stuff I do. I'm looking forward to a relaxing December filled with Family, books, Christmas cheer, good coffee and goodies, lol. (I've been a very good girl this year, Santa. hehehe.)

So, please stop by, there just might be a post ready to read here at Just Add Water Silly. Let me take this moment to wish all my friends and followers a very happy Christmas Season, my all your wishes for the New Year come true. Thanks for your loyalty, it's so appreciated. :o)


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
(ok, afternoon, hehehe.)
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  1. OK, here's 10 ideas to jump start the brain storming!

    A couple weeks before a holiday, have a theme that fits. Like “In My Heart” for early Feb.

    A movie title that could mean something else: Sound of Music, Dog Day Afternoon, Never Say Never, etc.

    Noise or Music

    Out of place

    Tools of the trade

    Tied Up

    Barb wire



    Bird House


  2. Once again, I missed the deadline due to my hectic school year schedule. I also enjoyed a movie date with my wife this evening. (If you have a chance, I did post an art journal page with a trio and a series of 3 tags that I completed last week.) Anyway, have a blessed Christmas, Jenn, and thank you for all the inspiration you've provided me with throughout the year. As to suggestions for next year, here are mine:

    3-The color red
    8-Rock and Roll


  3. Many thanks for all your encouraging comments on my submissions this year Jenn. I have enjoyed every single one of them :D
    I wish you, your family and everyone around here the most wonderful Christmas and a super happy and healthy 2013.
    I added a list of theme suggestions in my last comment for #37 Jenn
    Mo :0)) xx

  4. I came in very late in the year so I didn't really participate this year. I would like to in 2013. Here are a few suggestions right off the top of my head:








    Things that Fly

    Attempt something you are not very good at..( for me that would be drawing).



    Sewing theme


    Write Something....

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Lucky You, I think Lisa Gardner is great!!!

  5. Fun times and warmth for you, Jenn, this month and always. I am glad you'll BE posting some in December as I enJOY your Christmas festivity so very much!!

    I've NOT got a long list of suggestions, but I can tell you that I really especially enJOYed the opportunities when I had to stretch a bit. I suppose that is BEcause there is 100% involvement by those who are participating. Even if I felt I was working with my left foot, I dove into each challenge as an opportunity to grow as an artist.

    I like the one word prompts, Sunset comes to mind.

    might BE some fun.

    I will keep thinking on this and see what else I come up with.

    Thanks so much for all you DO here and the wondrous people your DOing it has brought into my Life!!

  6. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me via APR. While I may not have made it every week and I admit was sometimes intimidated by the theme...I always enjoyed stopping by to see everyone's submissions.

    Thoughts for 2013?


    A favorite place


    walk in the park

    I'll see if I come up with more; have to say I really enjoyed the color challenges.

    Best to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you for running this challenge, I look forward to seeing what everyone has done so much and next year I hope to take part a lot more. Wishing you a very happy Christmas surrounded by your loving family.

    Some ideas....
    Using two colours
    The seasons
    Your favorite place
    A special object.


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