Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey Day USA

Well let me wish all my American friends a very happy and abundant Thanksgiving Day. Since I missed doing art for our Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration in October I thought I'd take full advantage of the American holiday to do something appropriately festive.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to do to represent American Thanksgiving I kept coming back to two pieces of art that one of my good friends did for me a few months ago. Ellen sent me two fabulously wonderful chickens! Thank God they're paper chickens because I don't think the real thing would have fit in an envelope!

These chickens are going up in my kitchen the very second I can afford to get them appropriately framed. They are just so darn cute, they sit in my art keeper and every time I pass it I see my chickens waiting patiently for some love. You just have to see how adorable these pieces of art are...
Title: "Whack-A-Doodle"Title: "Organic Cluck"
So, while I wanted to do a turkey, have you SEEN one of these birds??? They're HUGE and full of complicated feathers! Now I'm even more impressed at what Ellen did here. Instead, I decided to do a cornicopia, also known as a horn of pleanty. I'm sure the turkey will appreciate not being the subject of anything so close to Thanksgiving, I'm guessing he's a darn nervous bird these days. Here's my APR art.

Did I hear you ask to see close ups of my pretty Horn of Plenty? I did? I heard you correctly? Ok, here's some close ups, lol. Who am I to deny you. ;o)
I'll also be entering this into AEDM for day nineteen. I'm finding it easier to only require a complete piece every other day, every day was just too much and the pressure to produce was taking all the fun out of it for me.

I'll therefore be back in a day or two with new art. This week I'm also working on a birthday prezzie that was due some time ago. Oh the pressures of time.


If you're looking for The Artist's Play Room for this week, just click here and scroll down to the end of the post to read all about this week's theme, "Turkey Day USA", and add your artwork to the Mr. Linky. Remember, it's the second last APR of 2012!
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  1. This is gorgeous. I adore how well you draw, color, and shade your art. This is something I simply can't do, so appreciate how effortless you appear to make it.

    I'm also finding it more difficult to do art every day. It's very time consuming, from making the pieces, to downloading the images from my camera, to writing the post. I applaud what you have done, because I know how time consuming it is.

  2. beautiful bounty - love those pumpkins :-) Yes daily is time consuming isnt it!... its not just the art, but the whole process... I seem to be on a kinda roll... fingers crossed!

  3. Yes those chickens are wonderful and so is your cornucopia- so intricate! Patsy from

  4. I LOVE IT, JENN! You did an excellent job illustrating the texture on the basket, which can be very time consuming and tedious. Blessings!

  5. Your Horn of Plenty is beautiful. I'm working on the turkey ATCs. I don't draw so well so I'm using a rubber stamp and then I'm water coloring them.

  6. wow-- those turkeys must have taken forever with all that detail. i love the titles, too!

    and your horn of plenty is fab! did you use colored pencils? pastels? the shading is just lovely!

  7. Arrgh, I lost my comment somewhere in the sea! Suffice to say, I'm sailing -- aboard the Caribbean Princess just about 10 hours short of landfall at Aruba and its warm beaches. Thank you for loving my chickens and all their cock-a-doodle-dooness. Glad they have a good home. My friend, I owe you a longer note and I'll take care of it once minutes aren't $1.00/per. MUCH LOVE, and with gratitude for friends like you!

    The best,
    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  8. This is just lovely! I think you picked a nice variety of items and colors & the basket looks great!

  9. You are a lucky gal to have received such a lovely gift. The chickens will be so nice in your kitchen! Love the cornucopia too. Beautiful!

  10. Your horn of plenty is amazing! You must have spent 24 hours with a paintbrush in hand for all your AEDM art!

  11. great pumpkins, and the drawing of the cane work is really really good... and lucky you getting those chickens... they are lovely...xx

  12. Your horn of plenty is fabulous, so detailed and the colours are perfect.
    Love those chooks, can't go wrong with a chook, in fact I have three that you could have on your wall. Only trouble is they poop and lay eggs!!

  13. Love your cornucopia, it is a beautiful work of art. I didn't know that Canada had thanksgiving, it sounds like a wonderful concept to make one more mindful. That you for running this challenge, it is fun and makes me draw.

  14. Great colors and shading in this piece. Nice to have the upcoming break and look forward to coming back at the end of Dec.


  15. just BEautimous, Jenn!! your work is lovely and a deLIGHT for the eyes!!

  16. What a lovely gift! They are so bright and cheery.
    Wow! Great cornucopia! Looks like a lot of patience involved. Wonderful! :)


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